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  1. 8.25.15
    Mira L. said:

    Great combination, I love your top! x

  2. 8.25.15
    Kathleen Harper said:

    I love your booties, such a fabulous combo!<

  3. 8.25.15
    Teresa Loop said:

    Love, love, love this Lilly! Those are the shooties (?) that I complemented a girl on the other day, so cute. Really they are the perfect color. That top is beyond adorable! Even if it's old, if you listed where it's from, people like me that love to hunt things down would love it! Lol! I realized I did used to have gray skinnies, but I think I donated them after they hung in my closet untouched for more than 2 years. I'm going to keep my eye on how you wear yours, because then I'm sure I'll be inspired to get them.Sorry for my mega chatty comment!:)

    • 8.27.15
      Lilly Style said:

      Thank you Teresa 🙂 Shooties? Surprisingly haven't heard that term before but I love it! I think I got it either at TJMaxx or Nordstrom Rack, it's one of those unknown brands (at least to me) – Roxygen. I think you'd love gray skinnies! And I love your "mega chatty comments" 😉

  4. 8.25.15
    Kristen Lukenbill said:

    Those shoes are amazing! Definitely need to pick myself up a pair!Thanks for sharing!xO Kristen

  5. 8.25.15
    Kristina said:

    I love those booties! Shoeties? Kristina does the Internets

    • 8.27.15
      Lilly Style said:

      Haha they could be Shoeties! Maybe it's an actual term I haven't heard until now 🙂

  6. 8.25.15
    Natali said:

    Such a great top! I like the way how you've styled this outfit, I'd wear it this way too!

  7. 8.26.15
    Beautygirl 24 said:

    I love this look Lilly! You wear all kinds of denim so well! I wish that top were still available though because it's beautiful. I think Express has a similar one. P.S. – I'm wearing jeans in my latest post LOL and instantly thought of you!

    • 8.27.15
      Lilly Style said:

      Thank you Noelle 🙂 Love when I see you in jeans 🙂

  8. 8.26.15
    Elizabeth Parker said:

    Beautiful outfit. I love the pleated top!

  9. 8.26.15
    Jessica Salisbury said:

    I love the top and the shoes are super cute (awesome price!)

  10. 8.27.15
    Ella Pretty Blog said:

    So so so pretty! I love that top…and I'm saving up for the same bag but in red – it seems so classic and pretty!

    • 8.27.15
      Lilly Style said:

      Thank you Ella! I love this bag. Other than the Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag this is my most worn one. Check out RM website. They had this bag in ton of colors on sale (everything but in black I think).

  11. 8.27.15
    Heidi Hendricksen said:

    Love, love the pleated top and booties! This is totally something that I would wear!Wishes & Reality

  12. 8.29.15
    Gina said:

    such a pretty top! Love it.Happy Weekend, Lilly!XO,