a gray sweater story

Sweater (size S. xs would have been a good fit too) / Infinity Scarf – on sale! + comes in multiple colors / Jeans – similar for less/ Boots – similar for less  / Bag – now on major sale!  / Sunglasses

So my slight problem with gray sweaters might be becoming a slightly larger problem. Especially when you’re shopping with a friend and are not planning on getting anything for yourself and then an amazing gray sweater jumps in your face! 

 What’s a girl to do?  Pretend you didn’t see it? 

Right!  You grab it and run to the fitting room trying not to knock down anyone down on your way there.

And while you’re running to the fitting room you ask yourself why you’re even going to try it on?! It’s a perfect shade of gray.it’s soft.and even though they don’t have your size you go for a size larger just because patience is not your virtue and you have to wear it as soon as possible #outofbreath

And then you check out!

Also, in case you missed it, Nordstrom is still having a sale on a ton of their items, but I focused on boots because boot season is here (and staying for a while).
I rounded-up my favorites.

1 – also in wide calf (gets great reviews)  / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7  / 8


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  1. 11.18.15
    curly said:

    Can't go wrong with gray sweaters. And thanks for the Norstrom link. Going to check it out now.

  2. 11.18.15
    Natali said:

    Great comfy outfit! I like your sweater and over the knee boots, a lot!http://lartoffashion.com

  3. 11.18.15
    Gina said:

    A girl can never have too many gray sweaters:) Love this one. Looking gorgeous as always, Lilly and thanks for the boot round up.XO,Ginawww.classyeverafterblog.com

  4. 11.18.15
    Beautygirl 24 said:

    I'm loving grey too! Grey anything! The sweater is perfectly cozy, and I love it with the chartreuse scarf!

  5. 11.19.15
    Teresa Loop said:

    All of your grey sweaters are totally different too, so, obviously you needed this one! Looking cute as ever!

  6. 11.19.15
    Diana said:

    Super cute! || D I A N A ||www.TheNeonFactor.com

  7. 11.20.15
    Sara Sandgärds said:

    I like your boots!! And the sweater too Take a look at Stylwhile.com, there you can find other comfy sweaters and modern fashion. Stylewhile is a site where you can style you own outfits and order clothes directly from designers. I personally like stylewhile a lot and I really recommend it!xx Sara