Stay warm and chic this winter- outfit ideas

Cold weather is upon us whether we like it or not. 

Even though November has spoiled us with nice weather up here, for the most part, the temps are dropping. I wanted to create some looks to inspire myself to dress put together this fall/winter as the temps are slowly dropping. 

When I dress well I feel better.  It affects my attitude, my confidence, how I go about my day. 

Any of you feel this way too? 

I find majority of these pieces to be closet essentials. I call them ‘feel good pieces’ haha

I have some similar items in my closet already, and other ones have been on my wish-list (especially the Sperry duck boots and Sorel boots.). 

Look #1: 

J.Crew Peacoat – I tried on size 2 and it fit well (0 felt a little snug). 




Bag – select colors on sale

 Hat / Gloves / Lipgloss in Turkish Delight – my favorite color / Watch

Look #2

Coat – comes in many colors – 30% off w/code SHOPNOW

Turtleneck sweater

Jeans (similar under $40)

Boots – on sale! Great investment boots
Lipstick (limited edition case. makes a great gift too)
Tote (or this RM tote on major sale)
 / Watch / Earrings 

Look #3

Coat – in love with this style (gets great reviews)


Boots (also love this color)

Bag – take 25% off (obsessed) 

Scarf  /  Beanie  /  Gloves /  Socks /  Lip Treatment

Down Coat (go for the belted ones)

Button down

Cable Knit Sweater – 40% off w/code RUSH

Jeans – 40% off 

Boots  (also love these. Super light)

Leather Bag (under $60)  / Circle Scarf /  Mittens  / Lipstick 

Which outfit is your favorite?


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  1. 11.16.15
    Teresa Loop said:

    I love all of the outfits. My favorite is probably #2, because pink! I looked for Sorel boots too late in the season last year, none left in my size. If we go to Lake Tahoe (1 1/2 HR away) I'll need some snow boots. We don't get snow here, it's either cold or rainy, so it's been a challenge finding cute layers that can get wet (my sweater cardigans won't cut it, lol).

    • 11.17.15
      Lilly Style said:

      Always yet to pink 😉 I'd say go for a nice trench coat for the rainy days (I also love #3 coat, which is not overly heavy).

  2. 11.16.15
    Michelle Orsi said:

    I LOVE all 4 of these outfit ideas! I don't think there is a single piece I wouldn't wear

  3. 11.16.15
    Liz | Shopping My Closet said:

    I love all your looks!Liz @

  4. 11.17.15
    Beautygirl 24 said:

    I can't decide which one I love more? They are all gorgeous! Great styling 😉

  5. 11.18.15
    Kathleen Harper said:

    That pink coat is my favorite! I'm in love.<