Friday Love List

Happy Fri-YAY! 

I haven’t done my Friday love list in sooo long…so I thought it’s time to once again share what I’m currently loving (aka the long wish-list hehe). 

I’ve been eyeing a few of the items below for quite a while now…and a few might be mine soon. 

Leather Tech Envelope  Ever since I received their catalog and saw this I’ve been in love. It’s perfect for traveling too or to take to office while staying organized.  

Swell Bottle – I actually can’t believe how long it’s taking me to decide which color to get. Seriously though…how difficult can it be? Apparently very difficult lol.  I think I finally decided on this silver one. I think it’s perfect for on the go or for traveling ($5+ for a small bottle of water at the airport is just ridiculous). 

Ugg Travel Set – I saw this over a month ago at the store I thought how perfect it is for travel, in flight or road trips  (for some reason I can’t seem to use the blankets provided on flights. Last time I used my scarf and jacket and froze my tush off. My sis was smart and brought her own small blanket).

Knit Scarf (40% off until 12/3 w/code CYBER40) – in love with this scarf! It comes in multiple colors. 

Mug – I have a thing for mugs. This time of the year I drink SO much hot tea…and having cute mug options always helps 😉

Knit Sweater (40% off until 12/3 w/code CYBER40)  –  I love me a good knit sweater. Laawdy knows I don’t need more, but that hasn’t stopped me yet (plus in Michigan I can wear them for three seasons…so totally justified). 

Cable Knit Earmuffs – I don’t own any earmuffs, yet, but this year I do want a pair. I love, love these. They’re cute while not being overly fuzzy. 

Glass Mugs – told you I had a thing for mugs. These are just fantastic! 

Dainty Rings – I think dainty rings will forever be my favorite. 

Gucci Marmot Quilted Bag – I can’t say that I ever was a huge Gucci fan. There were a few bags I liked but I did fall in love with their Marmont collection. O.M.G. so good. So good. 

I’ve been drooling over two of their bags specially…the one above and this one. I love them equally but one is a tad “cheaper”.  So this girl is saving up for one. All colors are so gorgeous but for some reason I’m loving the red in the style above (and the nude in the other one).  What do you guys think? 

Pillow – while I love getting decorative pillows my husband doesn’t always seem to be as excited as me haha. I wonder why!?!  

What’s currently on the top of your wish-list?? 

I’d love to hear! 

Wishing you a very happy weekend!



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  1. 12.2.16
    Alissa said:

    That blanket and ear muff/warmers are PERFECT! I got them for my sister! The Adored Life

  2. 12.2.16
    ravenlocks said:

    That Gucci bag is beautiful. Love the spotted pillow too :)xo

  3. 12.3.16
    curly said:

    I love all those picks Lilly!Super cute.