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quilted puffer vest + a little visitor

Happy February 1st 
(how in the world is it already February 😳)

My little fluff ball decided she wanted to be in the pictures ;)

Zoey definitely prefers the snow over the rain. Snow before it starts melting that is. She cracks me up when I take her for a walk...she tries to avoid any "puddles" like the plague. Such a diva. 
She looks so adorably chubby here...her hair has gotten so long and she's due for grooming (happening this week).  Even though I love her fluffiness currently (plus she's warm). 

J. Crew quilted vest   /   Funnel neck sweatshirt (in Small)  - another similar style,  hooded style (have it, love it)   / Topshop skinny jeans (size up)  /   Hunter Boots  - select colors on sale!, pretty styles under $50 /  Rebecca Minkoff Bag  /   Ray-Ban Sunglasses  /  

Wishing you a great day! 


  1. Zoey is so adorable!
    I love that sweatshirt on you,looks really warm.
    Cute outfit.

    1. Thank you Curly! She's adorable for sure ;)

  2. You are too cute in this outfit! Your little lady is adorable too!

    The snow looks so pretty!!

    1. Thank you Teresa! Love when she joins me for pictures :)

  3. Hello! Ivenever been in snow. What kind of socks do you wear to keep you warm in the snow? Snow socks? Regular socks? Multiple regular socks?

    1. Usually thicker wool socks, something similar to these: I usually don't like wearing multiple socks, it always feels like my circulation is being cut off haha. But thick wool socks usually work for me.

  4. Awww! I'm so happy Zoey made an appearance. Such a cutie pie. She looks furry, not fat...LOL! My cats are like that....they look fat bc of all the fur. She's being so good in the Nero won't stay still for long enough to be in my photos. Sill boy!
    I'm loving this vest! I love the way the color looks with that heather grey sweatshirt too.
    Such a chic casual outfit!
    XO! Gina


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