Bathroom Wallpaper – Accent Wall

A while back I shared on Instastories the remodeling progress of our 2nd bathroom, which my hubby is remodeling. We decided to do an accent wall with wallpaper, the vanity wall to be exact.
I want something bold, something that pops! 

My hubby has been doing all the remodeling by himself, he has never done it before, but he has done an amazing job so far.  We are doing the remodel on a budget (compared to what bathroom remodels cost, which to me is completely insane. But it’s all about personal preferences, of course). 

I won’t go into the remodeling details too much in this post. 

 I asked on InstaStories if any of you knew of places that have nice wallpaper (thank you to those who messaged me).  A lot o options out there, that’s for sure.

I still haven’t decided on any specific pattern, color or anything for that matter.
I thought that I was favoring geometric patterns, but it turns out I’m all over the place when it comes to what type of wallpaper I really like.

Below you’ll find some wallpaper inspiration, most via Pinterst.


haven’t found original source yet

I’m really liking this blue and white wallpaper. It would definitely add nice pop of color.

via JossandMain  (and the price is not bad either). 

The colors can be customized, how awesome is that!?! 

More info here.

Which one is your favorite?

We’re still on the hunt for a mirror and vanity lights. I like the look of one fixture on each side of the mirror (like in the pictures above).  Just can’t seem to decided on the fixture. One day I’ll like one, the next time I won’t.  Currently I’m liking this one, this one but I also like this one (totally different).

While I do like them all, I’ve narrowed it down to #2 and #4  (for some reason I’m loving anything banana leaf related 😉

If you have any suggestions or ideas, please do share.


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  1. 5.8.17
    Khanh Nguyen said:

    The leaf wallpaper is so cute! I would love to have that wallpaper in every room <3

  2. 5.8.17
    Teresa Loop said:

    I love the bold colors and prints! So much FUN! Have you considered doing a stencil? I've seen some beautiful walls done with them. I'd love to see progress pictures (because I'm nosey like that), and my back ground is Interior Design, I truly do love to see interiors! It's also nice to see your hard work along the way. We remodeled a bathroom last summer, including changing a freestanding tub into a shower/tub, plumbing, building a wall and tiling the surround. Was glad when that was done, lol!

  3. 5.11.17
    curly said:

    My fav is the first one,blue. Love the bold prints.