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White Jeans

White jeans go with everything and are easily dressed up or down. If you don't own a pair, now is the perfect time to add them to your wardrobe. 
A favorite pair of white jeans I owned was from Ann Taylor, which I can't quite fit in anymore (can't zip them up. gotta go easy son those snacks). They were thicker material and didn't show all the imperfections. It is so hard to find a nice pair of  white jeans, thick enough that don't accentuate dimples ever more  (the ones I'm wearing are not thick enough).
I'm going to give these a try as they get great reviews. Will try to make it to Old Navy today and will report back/give you an update. 
I'm still talking about these flats...but I can't help it...I'm just SO happy I found a pair that is comfortable, thanks to the padded footbed.  Worth the $. 
Linen Blend Cardigan old - similar here and here  /  Cami no longer available - similar here on sale (love!) and here, with lace trim  /  Paige Denim - similar for less, here on sale, /   Nude Flats  tts, also here   /   Bag - similar style for less  /  Y Choker Necklace - love!   /  Ann Taylor Scarf

I love white jeans but I can't seem to keep them clean for a full day haha.  But, that doesn't stop me from wearing them.  Here are some other ways I've worn white jeans (just a few of my favorites)  - here, here, here, here, here and here.

Have a great day!


  1. I love how white jeans look but I can't find a pair that fits me well. Like you said, they need to be made out of a nice material otherwise, they'll acentuate all the imperfections. Those look really good and I love how you styled them with neutral tones.

    Marta -

  2. Such a comfy and super stylish outfit! I like your cardigan and bag very much!

  3. Hi Lilly! I spent probably two weeks trying to find a pair of white jeans that didn't show bumps and bulges. Lol. True tho. Anyway I found some promising ones by Ralph Lauren. Let me know if you want exact style of RL and I'll let you know. I even tried the ones you suggest in this post but still not thick enuf. But I'm a lot bigger than you. So I'd still give them a try. You are so cute and I look forward to all of your posts. You help me spend my money and our closets look alike! Lol. Thanks ! Jennifer

    1. Hi Jennifer, thank you so much! Great minds think alike ;-)

  4. OOohhh white jeans feel like a trap every single time I try them on! These sound PERFECT!

    The Adored Life

  5. I'm so mad about my Paige white jeans. I bought them two years ago, and there's a bare spot just below the zipper. I think I can salvage them with a patch, but I will probably only wear them with a longer tunic.

    I recently purchased the BR Stay White skinnies. I LOVE these. Half the price of my beloved Paige brand (even more with sales/coupons) and they look great!

    I also purchased a cheap pair from Loft on sale for about $20 a couple months ago. They are just ok because they do tend to lose their shape after a while. But for $20, who can complain!

    1. I've been finding better options of white jeans for less $. I definitely like Loft's white jeans... so good!

  6. Love your bag! The touch of a wrapped silk scarf is so cute <3


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