classic stripes

When the sky has its own filter 😍
We drove on top of a parking garage to watch this beautiful sunset…and try to snap a few pictures with the beautiful sky.  Didn’t succeed in all of them, but in this picture it got captured beautifully. 

I’ve been eyeing these jeans for so long.  Each time I’d see them on someone I thought they just looked super cool (my hubby is not a fan of these  lol). They’re different from what I usually like in jeans – which is mainly softness.  

And these are not soft or overly comfy. They don’t have stretch to them. Definitely not every day/all day jeans but I love the look in general.  I’m sure overtime they’ll get better. 

  I did size up, as recommend, and I’m glad I did as I wouldn’t have been able to button them in my actual size. 

 I’m such a huge fan of striped button downs…and I’ve accumulated quite a few.  This shirt is years old, but I’ve found almost the exact one for a great price. I got it in red stripe but thinking about getting it in black stripes too. These shirts are classic, timeless and super chic.

Jeans (size up)    //  Shirt (super old) – almost exact here – (I have it in red in size 4, great price!),  more options here and here  //  Sandals – similar for $49   //  Bag – dying over this one in blue suede 😍😍,  pretty option for less  // Watch (no longer available) – almost exact style here  / /  X ring  //  Sunglasses 

Happy almost Friday!  😘 


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  1. 7.27.17
    Natali Karppinen said:

    Fantastic bag and a classic stripes shirt!

  2. 7.27.17
    Liz | Shopping My Closet said:

    Love the cotton candy sky!Liz @

  3. 7.27.17
    Megan @ Lush to Blush said:

    I love the combination of dressy, preppy and casual all in one outfit! Super cute.

  4. 7.28.17
    Carter crew 6 said:

    You look amazing.

  5. 7.28.17
    Lindsay Sutherland said:

    Levis 501's were all I wore in high school! Not the skinny version though (I don't think they existed back then lol). So excited to see these again! The one's I used to get in high school were as you described (no stretch, not soft or overly comfy) but after several washes and wears they did get softer. Great look with the stripped blouse…I love me some stripes!!