Fitting room snapshots – Loft (SO good!!!)

Now this is a sale I’m excited about.  I did NOT plan on doing any fitting room snaps at Loft. When I got the email yesterday about the sale, I saw a dress online I wanted to try on in person (since it looked a tad short). But once I got here…things quickly got out of control (surprise 😉

I LOVED so many pieces that I thought I’d be in trouble (thankfully a lot were sold out in my size at the store. I did try on a couple of pieces that were were next size up). 

Let’s get to the good stuff….

HAD to try this jacket on! It’s soft, light-weight and feels super nice, plus I love the length (if I “get rid” of two our of three other utility jacket I have, but don’t love, I’ll get this one).

 I noticed one reviewer said it’s flimsy and not structure – and that IS true, partially. Structured no, and it’s semi-flimsy (I say semi because I have one that’s WAY more flimsier ((is that a word lol)). If you want a structured/semi-stiff jacket check this this one out (I’ve had it for a few years now). ALSO, just saw this adorable jacket…seriously looks like a high-end designer jacket. 

Utility jacket   (see below about jeans)

 Gray Jeans tts   (also in cropped style 

Most of you know I love my certain designer jeans. Loft has surprised me with most of their jeans (some still fit so bad). Modern skinny seems to be the best fit on me. Good length, perfect fit and pockets placements (so important) is on point.  I love the this light gray wash, so they came home with me.  There are quite a few nice styles available – loving these raw hem, skinny crop and these embroidered ones.

Jeans – cropped skinnies. Just a tad shorter than what I wanted (which really were the modern skinny but they were not available in my size. They get great reviews). 

 Didn’t think I was going to like this top, but turns out I love it. Not because it’s gray or flowy, even though that has a lot do with it, but the back details are super nice (don’t own anything like, until now).

Sweater in xs   

Crochet chambray bell sleeve top  (not in my size)  – cute. Would look nice w/white jeans too

Really liked the details on this top. Also comes in blue

Sleeveless Top in xs

I didn’t realize these jeans would flare out this much but for some reason I really really liked these. I didn’t get them because I got two other pairs of pants, but keeping my eye on these. 

Jeans tts  (another similar style, they look less flared. Might try these) /   Top in XS – great top! Beautiful color (also comes in white)

Another top I really liked (which it came in more colors though). 

Yoke Shell top in XS

Now this is a cardigan worth the hype 😉  And it has pockets!  Tried on Small and it fit great (it came home with me). 

Pocket Cardigan 

These pants 😍 They fit so good and the fabric is nice and soft…they feel comfortable!  Really exited to wear these. 

Skinny chino pants – come in more colors  (kinda want black too). 

Just ok dress. Light, the sleeves were a tad much. I think it would look so much better with normal sleeves. 

Mosaic Tassel Dress in xs (felt more like a size Small)

While this dress is not in my size I had to try it on,  it looked so nice with the ruffle details.  The dress is not meant to be fitted, the style is loose, keep that in mind.  Wish xs was available in store so I could see how it fits since I’m loving it. 

Ruffle Flouce Dress

This dress felt really nice on, light and soft fabric. 

Bloom tassel dress in xs

This dress is beautiful and so is the color! It runs a little big (even though that’s the style, it was just a tad much for me).  You can definitely size down.  If you like this color, this dress is so pretty!

Online it’s on sale + extra % off… In store it was full priced.  

Tiered maxi dress in xs

This dress is the reason I stopped at the store. SO SO CUTE!  And it looks a lot more pricey than it really is.  ‘Regular’ is shorter than I’d like it to be (shorter in person than in this picture), so I ordered it in Tall (in Small as XS is not available. Hope it won’t be too big). It can be worn 3 out of 4 season.  So cute with a pair of booties and a jacket (moto or denim or even a cardigan) for Fall. Getting excited over here 😃

Floral Tiered Dress 

I might try these pants (this entire outfit is chic perfection!)

And love these mules (sadly my size is sold out)

Thanks for stopping by! 


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  1. 7.21.17
    Natali Karppinen said:

    Tops on 3 and 4 outfits are my fave as well as bloom tassel dress! :)

  2. 7.21.17
    anitaINla said:

    Thank you! I've ordered a few items based on your recommendations. Love these LOFT posts!

  3. 7.25.17
    Teresa Loop said:

    The grey jeans, white cardigan and olive skinny chinos are all going in my cart!! Lol! I found cognac mules very similar to the sold out pair at DSW in the Spring, they may still have them…