Fitting Room snapshots – Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Well, I survived the craziness at Nordstrom today. My sister said “this is worse than Black Friday” lol 

At 11:30a.m. it was so busy, I couldn’t believe it. And the amount of stuff that was already gone in my size was quite surprising. Not that there is anything I can’t live without. 

I tried on more pieces than I was planning..and since I did, I’ll share it all. 

Hopefully it won’t be too overwhelming for ya.

A lot of workout pieces, bottoms especially, were already sold out in my size (still available online though).  So far I got four things (finally splurged on a leather moto jacket, this striped top, this racerback tank and I ordered these booties).
Among other things, I also ended up ordering this sweater (in both gray and black, will see which one I like better), this blouse in ivory (have 2 other colors and love it), this “Dry” hand towel, Plaid shirt in red…basically a new more things than planned. But all are basics.

I’ll start with my favorites. Which are basic pieces (cardigan, tees…moto jackets 😉 

Cardigan (in xs, loved it!)  /  Tank  (in size Small) /   Girlfriend jeans (tts + soft)  My sis loved these!

Better look at the racerback tank (small was a good fit. Got it in gray as this color was enhancing my imperfections too much). When hubby saw it he asked “don’t you already have something like that?” I do…but the neckline is completely different 😉 

Tank  /  Jeans

Leather Jacket in US 0 (I wanted it fitted, size up if you want to wear heavy sweaters with it) /  Jeans same as above /  Striped top (better picture  below) 

Some of you might know that I’ve been looking for a GOOD leather jacket for ages. While there were multiple options on sale, this one was my favorite. Soft and perfect length, loved everything about it…so I decided to splurge. 

Striped Pocket Tee in XS  (comes in more colors, incl. solid colors)

I know I said ‘no more striped tops’ but I couldn’t pass this one up. It’s soft and it just looked so good on #whateverexcuseworks

Rib Knit Cardigan (in xs + comes in more colors)  /  Paige jeans (tts + soft)  /  Tank

I was looking for this cardigan but didn’t see it in store. Or this one, which is only $31.90.  But definitely would like to get one in this color (oatmeal? Beige? whatever it is). Cardigans always get a ton of wear over here. 

 Plaid shirt (soft and perfect length + comes in more colors). I didn’t realize I grabbed xxs but it fit just fine. Depending if you want a slightly looser fit you can stick to your regular size. I did really love this shirt. I didn’t get it (the more I look at it, the more I want one. The price is not bad either). 

this jacket…read below..

Moto Jacket in xs – only $65

This moto jacket is amazing! No kidding!   While it is not leather, it looks like it. Not fake and cheap looking at all (at least not to me). I LOVED the gold details.  I was going to get this one actually…until I tried the leather one I got. But still thinking about those gold details…

Wide Leg Pants in size Small

I felt SO chic in these super wide leg pants.  They’re fabulous, really fabulous! I just wasn’t sure how often I’d wear them. They can be worn 3 out of 4 season though. What do you think about these, yay or nay? 

Jumpsuit in size US4

Topshop has such flattering jumpsuits but too darn low-cut. 

Ruffle Bell Sleeve Blouse in xs

Swing top in xs

This top was cute but too wide…and I’m wearing xs. If you like it, I’d suggest sizing down. 

Skirt – in size 0, too small (2 was sold out). 

Cardigan in xs

The only thing I liked about this cardigan was the color and the fact that it was super soft. But didn’t NOT like anything about the sleeves. Not for me. 

I didn’t try on any shoes because it was way too crazy in the shoe dept. (had to take a number).

Adidas sneakers
 Cute but the Nike’s below were my favorites.

Nike sneakers UPDATE: RESTOCKED – Select sizes available again
I really liked these….I can’t believe they’re already SOLD OUT online. Crazy!

Ladies, I do have a few more fitting room snapshots…but this girl is gotta eat 😉   I’ll post the rest shortly (Update: “shortly” turned into tomorrow. I’m done with this sale for today 😉  But don’t miss out on some goodies though.

Are YOU getting anything? Do tell me in the comments below what you will be picking up OR will you pass this sale? 


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  1. 7.14.17
    What Lou Wore 365 said:

    Such a shame they saw fit to RUIN that gorgeous mauve cardigan, 3rd picture from bottom, with those ridiculous sleeves!! Such a nice piece otherwise, great colour on you as well.

    • 7.14.17
      Lilly Style said:

      I agree, they should have left the sleeves alone! It is so soft and the color is so beautiful in person. While I do love bell sleeves this all was a tad too much for me.