Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (early access)

Well, it’s here y’all. The slightly over-hyped sale. There are quite a few pieces that caught my eye 

(in love with the Marc Fisher booties. But MC fisher booties are my favorite anyway). 

I’ll have fitting room snapshots on the blog this evening if you’re interested in seeing how some of the items look on. And will see what I end up getting (nothing trendy will be coming home with me). Will try to stick to classic, timeless pieces (but never know lol).

Below are some items I really am loving!
Leave me a comment below letting me know if there is anything you’d want me to include in the fitting room snapshots. If there store has it I’ll check it out 😉


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  1. 7.13.17
    Teresa Loop said:

    Can't wait to see what you try on and ultimately purchase! I'm eyeing those MF booties too!

    • 7.13.17
      Lilly Style said:

      I did end up liking more stuff than I thought I would but luckily a lot of them were already sold out in my size (by 11:30 am, how crazy is that?!!). Got 3 things at the store but will be ordering those MF booties for sure, love them! And a pair of sneakers I did love already sold out. This is worse than Black Friday lol

  2. 7.13.17
    Joan Crandall said:

    I really appreciate the refreshing, honest, anniversary sale post!

    • 7.13.17
      Lilly Style said:

      Thank you Joan 🙂

  3. 7.13.17
    Sara-Kate said:

    That Zella tank is not part of the anniversary sale…?

    • 7.13.17
      Lilly Style said:

      That's weird, I must have clicked off of the sale section (maybe it was just wishful thinking on my part) :/