Nordstrom Anniversary sale try-on + my thoughts on everything

I ended up getting a few more pieces than planned from the Nsale, but I didn’t go crazy and buy too much just because it’s on sale. Each time I saw something I wanted, I tried to be real and ask myself “how often will I wear this?” (need to ask myself that question more frequently lol)

 It’s so easy to get caught up in this sale, especially since everyone is talking about it way too much (I’ve been trying to stay away from Instagram for that reason…and that’s why I haven’t posted anything on IG in 5 days, hah!).  I’ve been tying to stick to mostly blogging about the sale….

Moving on….

Not everything I ordered has arrived yet, but I thought I’d share a few pieces that did.

I’ll start with this off the shoulder light sweater. Didn’t see it in store originally but it caught my attention online (like one too many other pieces. Why do they keep adding stuff lol).  I ordered one in gray and one in black (to see which one I like better). Gray arrived, black hasn’t yet. Already wore it Monday evening so I guess I’m keeping this one for sure since the tag has been removed.  I like wearing it off one shoulder but it can be worn off both shoulders.  Most likely won’t keep the black. One is enough.
Free People Top in xs 

My jeans are super old, but here is a similar style under $40

 I’m SO in love with these Marc Fisher booties.  The color is perfect and so is the style.  I love my pointy toe booties (IMHO they look extra chic. If you are not a pointy toe fan, check these out).  I got so much wear out of these last year (I have two pairs). There is almost exact looking pair on NSale. The difference is barely noticeable.  Both of these MF booties look very luxe. 

I can’t wait to wear these booties with dresses too  (similar to this look…with denim or moto jacket)

I saw this sweater in store but I was so over trying stuff on. But by the time I decided to give it try it was sold out online (things most likely will be restocked when on Friday for Public Access), so a sweet SA tracked it down for me and ordered it (call your local, or any, Nordstrom store and they might be able to track something down for ya).
It’s pretty oversized, and I love my oversized sweaters, but there is something off about this one. Haven’t decided if I’ll keep it or not (likely not).
Cuff Sleeve Sweater in xs

This jacket – still my favorite purchase (in addition to the booties. I don’t think anything else could top off these two purchases).  The search, and the patience, (probably 2 year search) for the prefect moto jacket definitely paid off.  I know what I wanted in a leather jacket (without spending too much $$)  and this one is perfection!!!!
I got it in size 0.  Since I’ll be wearing it mostly with tees and light sweaters I wanted it to be more fitted.
Leather Moto Jacket  (amazing option for less, as seen in this post) and the booties I mentioned a couple of pictures above.

There are also a lot of items that were part of 2016 NSale and they’re back this year
(or very similar). I got different colors in a few pieces this time around.

I got this blouse during last years NSale. I also have the longer version in olive color (which I got in 2015), as seen in this post (which my sister “borrowed”…we know what that means ;). And I ordered one in ivory. It’s a great price for the top and pretty classic style. Easy to throw on for a polished look.
 Blouse in xs comes in more colors. 

I love plaid/tartan for Fall.  Also got this top last year and it’s available again (as seen in this post). I ordered it in red in xxs. The one below is in xs. It seems like it might run slightly big this time around. 

Plaid shirt – comes in more colors. 

p.s these booties, which is super comfortable, have been restocked. this color hasn’t been restocked in years but they’re available in 4 other colors

I got these suede boots last year during NSale and there are two similar styles this year as well.
This Sam Edelman pair (tall not OTK, which this time around I would prefer much more) and then this Vince Camuto pair (also in lower heel).

 (original post)
I’ve also worn these boots with flowy midi skirts/dresses.

(original post)

I got these Tory Burch Boots either in 2012 or ’13…can’t quite remember but I still wear them a ton (don’t remember the last time I took pics for the blog in them though). The old style is pretty similar to the ones currently available.
Tory Burch Boots (in regular and wide)

(original post)

Another item I got last year (during NSale).
Sweater (in xs) – comes in more colors. great basic 

One thing I bought and returned (which definitely was a impulse purchase) was this Jo Malone cologne collection. It had my favorite scent included,  Wood Sage & Sea Salt, which I already own but thought I’d try more of them, plus the smaller bottle would be nice to keep for on-the-go/travel (I have the 1oz. bottle…which actually is a good travel size). Turns out I didn’t care for rest of them…so I returned it.
 I’m sensitive to fragrances and they trigger my allergies, but the above mentioned one has never irritated my allergies. And it smells ah-mazing!!!!

I’ll share my beauty picks as well…mainly ones I already own, have tried and love.  So stayed tuned…

I’d love to know what you got during this sale…(do share in the comments below).


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  1. 7.20.17
    Rachelle Pinksole said:

    I shared what I got in a post as well, these Marc Fisher booties are so cute.xoPinksole

  2. 7.20.17
    curly said:

    Love all your picks. They are very classic!

  3. 7.20.17
    Rosemary Bostic said:

    I always love how realistic your posts are! Thanks for sharing! -rose

  4. 7.20.17
    Nicole Danielski said:

    I do think the sale is over hyped. I appreciate your posts and honesty!! I only purchased towels, a t-shirt and some panties…..but I do love those booties you got 😉

  5. 7.25.17
    Teresa Loop said:

    Gah! I've been traveling and wanted to comment once I got home and all of the things I ordered were here. I feel completely guilty of getting caught up in the 'sale' aspect of the Nsale. In reality, only some prices are even a decent price IMO. That said, I was fortunate enough to be staying right across the street from a Nordstrom and had the opportunity to see and try things on. I ordered 2 pairs of booties the night the sale started in both a 7 & 7 1/2. I'm not sure why I was so frantic to spend $99/pair as that would honestly be the high end of my comfort zone any other day….. While in store I noticed one pair of the booties I had ordered came in grey, which I had not noticed online. I was able to try them and ultimately buy them, deciding that all 4 that were on the way to me would be returned. Insert eye roll here. Last year I felt that I had missed out on so many good things that I guess I wasn't going to do that again this year.I am pleased with several things I bought in store though: a burgundy Sole Society tote, girl friend jeans, an ivory/ruffled cold shoulder sweater ($$ though), a lavender cold shoulder/ruffled sweater, a blush waffle weave sleeveless Cowl neck sweater, and a couple of loose weave sweaters I couldn't decide between burgundy or aqua, so I bought both.Since then I've been able to order a few things that weren't in store and were sold out online: a blush cardigan (that will probably be returned after reading the reviews saying it runs ginormous) and a pair of olive jeans I'm not sure is within my comfort zone.Ultimately, I spent *way* more than I would've in any given month, and have a feeling that by the time it's actually Fall here (mid-October) I'll be still wanting new clothes for Fall. Again, another eye roll, lol!