Shopping one upcoming sale…over-hyped or not?!?

Another year, another Nordstrom anniversary Sale around the corner (early access starts on Thursday the 13th).  There is no shortage of bloggers talking about it, that’s for sure!   I want to know though, do you guys things this sale is over-hyped??  

It’s a good sale, don’t get me wrong. Moving on….

I‘ve told myself that I don’t need anything, which is true for the most part.  However, there are items that I wear a lot, over and over again, and a few things that are necessities (like a new t-shirt bra). Or a good pair of jeans (I’d rather have ONE amazing pair of jeans than five so-so pairs. And I have a lot of so-so pairs and constantly reach for my few favorites). 

Just flipping through the catalog alone I fell in love with multiple pieces, and that’s not even the best of it. YIKES!  BUT, same as last year I’m going to focus on the things that I kinda need, like workout gear  (I signed up for a full month of Pure Barre, not sure how I’m still alive, and cute workout clothes are a pretty nice motivator. Or in my case a necessity. Didn’t realize the shortage of workout tops especially).   And then there are pieces I LOVE and KNOW I’ll wear over and over and over and over again (you know, like gray tees. Which by now I have plenty of).  

It is easy to get carried away and get too much crap since everyone is posting about it non-stop…and most stuff is cute.  But cute doesn’t mean we need it (speaking from experience and too many cute things that I don’t necessarily love are being neglected in my closet).

SO, here is what I do:  Make a list of the things I need, especially for Fall and Winter.  A lot of things sell out quickly, if you love something get it (take advantage of the free shipping + free returns).

Below is my list of the things I kinda need lol  (that added up quickly).

  • Workout gear – tops and bottoms. Maybe one pair of new sneakers. 
  • Black riding boots
  • T-shirt Bra (any recommendations?)
  • A pair of nice winter gloves
  • A cozy cardigan 
  • Maybe one pair of fave designer jeans (I love Mother, AG, Citizens of Humanity). 
  • Favorite beauty products(back-ups)

I’m sure some things for home will be too good to pass up. Shall see how this ends up. 

I was trying to remember what my most worn pieces are from last year but looking at my posted outfits doesn’t help much as most of my outfits never make it to the blog.
I know the suede moto jacket below sold out in no time (got restored eventually in ton of colors but not for the sale price). I wore that quite a bit but it wasn’t my most worn pieces.

What are YOU planning on buying during the Nordy’s sale??


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  1. 7.11.17
    Helena Freeman said:

    Let me first start by saying…. Love you and your blog… Ok, I do think it is over hyped a little. I really didn't see much that I wanted to needed this go round. But maybe I will see more things when the sale is live.

  2. 7.11.17
    Lu Suito said:

    If you get what you want on a nice price I guess it should be ok. But I guess is | Coco&Louis

  3. 7.11.17
    Shadowy Lady said:

    I'm skipping the sale. TBH the more I read about the sales, the more I'm turned off and Nordstrom sale to me is the biggest offender. I also gave do much clothes and don't need anything as I buy pieces here and there through the year. The only sale I ever get excited about is the Aritzia sale (one just passed and one in Jan).

  4. 7.12.17
    JLacy said:

    Hi Lilly, Thanks for sharing your perspective on the Nordstrom sale. There is so much blogger hype that it borders on hysteria!

  5. 7.12.17
    Lori S H said:

    I'm not really loving anything in the Nordstrom sale this year. It seems like everyone is just going nuts over it. Honestly, other than shoes, most of the Nordstrom clothes don't fit me all that well being petite. It is definitely over hyped!

  6. 7.12.17
    The Pink Pineapple said:
  7. 7.12.17
    Teresa Loop said:

    Until about 2-3 years ago, I didn't even know about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and I wasn't a Nordstrom shopper (hides head….). I'm with a previous commenter, being petite, a lot of clothes don't fit me well. Except jeans, I'm definitely with you on jeans.I do think the sale is over hyped, and I did buy things that I ultimately returned because they weren't 'me'. With that said, I'm all about accessories lately. I will be looking at scarves (not that I need, or have room for another. single. scarf…..), boots/shoes, jewelry and bags. I have also bought the kits from MAC in the past, which I've enjoyed and used.I would love to know what you come across though, and absolutely look forward to your fitting room post should you venture into take a peek! I'm not here to judge!! Lol!

  8. 8.7.17
    Vixxie Foxfire said:

    It's over hyped in my opinion. I don't have a Nordstrom store anywhere near me, but when I looked online I didn't find anything that exciting to buy. My favorite thing to buy on sale are shoes, and I didn't think the sale prices were much of a price reduction. I'll take a Dillard's 65% off shoe sale any day over the Nordstrom annual sale! I buy lots of shoes from that sale. It makes me giddy with joy!