Travel outfit(s)

Ah, the ‘what-do-I-wear-traveling-while-looking-put-together-and-super-comfortable-but-also-like-I haven’t-given-up-on-life’ question?! 

For me personally, the outfit selection usually depends on the travel time. Will it be a fairly short travel day or a super long one?  For our trip to Croatia a comfy travel outfit was a must. 

While I’ve mostly traveled in comfy jeans (yes, there is such a thing as super comfy jeans) I decided to ditch the jeans even though I really wanted to wear them.

 I’ve searched for decent looking joggers, nothing too loose and sloppy (most stretch out and end up looking sloppy). I actually ended up buying a pair in Croatia and might actually travel back home in them (it’s going to be a super long day).  They’re black and semi-cropped and haven’t stretched out during the two times I wore them. 

The outfit below is what I ended up wearing (with the Longchamp bag). It was a toss up between a long cardigan and this blazer but the blazer looked a bit more chic. I’ve worn this blazer so much during our trip.  Club Monaco had that was similar style (actually one size is still in stock) that I’ve been eyeing for too long…and it’s pretty much sold out.
I’m a huge Converse fan (I mean, they look amazing on everyone). So when I spotted these I was sightly excited, especially since they’re faux leather…no wet feet if it rains (ok, not as wet). I was these also in blush pink in Croatia 😍 (they were almost $100 in both white and blush. For some reason Converse are pricier in Croatia).

The trip back home will probably include a hoodie lol. Or my denim jacket.

Blazer (old) – similar here   /  Tee? – similar /   Leggings  (in size Small)  /  Converse tts – in love with ’em  /  J.Crew tote (old) – similar here, under $50
p.s.  I had to get my actual size in these Converse sneakers at the end (website suggested sizing down which I originally did. Way too small).

This is very similar to what I wore last year when we traveled to Croatia (it was May so it was colder). I do wish I had brought this jacket this time around as the most evenings have been quite chilly.

Leather Jacket – great option for less  /  Tee – now 50% off  /  COH jeans – tts  /   Adidas sneakers – another similar style  /  Tote – same as above

Different shoes below and scarf added.
This is my ideal Fall outfit anyway, but I’d travel in this too, especially since these booties are super comfy and are easy to take on/off.

Booties  /   Scarf old – current version 

I would totally wear this on a road trip. These pants are comfy and Toms…well they’re ridiculously comfy (they stretch out with wear and form to your foot).  This is my second pair.

Similar tank top /   Similar Chambray shirt  /   Pants  /  Toms  /  Tote

I would have had more travel outfits if I had planned better ahead.  Actually if I had stuck to the plan I had lol.   I had outfits ready but didn’t take my time to schedule my posts ahead.  Just decided to prioritize and blogging wasn’t a priority to be honest.  Hence only a few of my favorite outfits I have traveled in (or very similar).

What is your favorite travel outfit?


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  1. 9.26.17
    Teresa Loop said:

    Ohhh! I'm so glad to see a travel wear post! I think all of these are darling and put together. With ease of removal at the security check point, lol!I haven't ever flown long distances like that, but we regularly drive to visit family in Arizona. I don't think I wear jeans for those trips, trying to recall what I wear… I probably look like I've given up on life! Haha! Several posts back someone commented on some tie ankle pants from Socialite. They are rayon, and would be very comfortable if the rayon didn't wrinkle terribly.