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Closet Tour (DIY closet)

Per Lilly Style readers request the closet tour is finally here. Even though it took me a couple of years to finally do it ;)   So thank you for your patience!  

As many of you know, my husband build the closet for me (he has never done this before. He is not a carpenter/builder. He's just talented I guess.  And he enjoys it. Which works out well for both of us ;-)

First, we talked about what I wanted (I did ask for an Ikea closet but hubby said it's cheaper if he build one himself. It would have been rude on my part to complain about getting a custom make closet. wink, wink).
 He gave me some of his ideas. I told him mine.  I changed my mind. About a million times.
And then he made me sign the "final" sketch of the closet haha. And yes, we didn't stick to that sketch.
My main goal was to make this closet work for my needs.  While it is great to get inspiration on Pinterest, at the end the day, the most important thing is what works for you and how to best utilize the space you have (this used to be a small, oddly shaped bedroom with a small walk-in closet. Which is where I store Winter clothes during summer months and vice versa).

Looking back my husband definitely had some better ideas, like more drawers, more space for dresses, more space for boots....
I definitely don't need more drawers, I have a good size dresser in my office.  But other suggestions...well, lets see...

One of my husbands suggestions was more space for tall boots.  My response "I don't have that many tall boots". Which at that time was the case.   But then suddenly I had more than five pairs. Not that there is a need for more than five pair of tall boots really.

There is a lot of space to hang clothing, and recently I decided to hang my jeans too. I knew I had a lot of jeans, but hanging them all and keeping them together made me realize I have too many #guilty (wondering if there is such a thing though as I do wear jeans pretty much daily).   I do LOVE jeans and I'm always trying new brands. 

This picture below is from the door into the closet. To the left of the window is the small walk-in closet.

I fold all of my sweaters and t-shirts. So having space for those was important. The shelves in the picture below are deep so I have folded tops behind these as well (ones I don't wear as frequently). 

I use thin non-slip velvet hangers which are amazing and take less space than plastic or wood hangers  (I do have some wood hangers for my heavy coats).  But if you don't use non-slip thin velvet hangers, you need them. 

 Another thing my husband suggested was more space for dresses and coats (long items).  My reply: "I don't have that many dresses and coats...this one space will be fine".  Turns out I have more dresses than I thought.  And coats.  
Now, I'm very fortunate that this closet has a small walk-in closet. During warm months I put all my Winter coats in the small walk-in close and pack up all my heavy sweaters up and store them away.   And during Winter months I put my Summer dresses in the small walk-in closet. It works out and as you can see there is still enough space for my most worn coats and ton of dresses (long cardigans as well).

In the Summer booties are replaced with heel sandals on the shelves above. 

I hang my tops by style and then color. 

I have a light colored rug that I purchased for the closet but it had a funny smell to it, so it's waiting to be cleaned.  I've been looking at rugs and I'm liking a few - this one, this one and a few more...because there are so many cute ones.

The shoe space bellow has ton of space and as you can see I didn't fill it. Not even for the pictures. It is what it is. And I even let my husband share the space for some of his dress shoes :-)
There is a big bedroom next to my closet, which originally was a guest bedroom, but we're thinking about making it master bedroom. If we do, I'll like to share this closet space with hubby. 

If we ever move, I'd actually like to have a smaller closet with my desk in it - closet/office combo ...because more space = more clothes. And I'm dreaming that one day I'll have a minimalist wardrobe ha.  Don't laugh 😜.
While I absolutely love this closet I'm not the type of person that dreams of having a huge walk-in closet or anything fancy like this.  I never even had a walk-in closet...they have always been the in-wall built closets and I did just fine with those.  So my hubby definitely spoiled me with this closet.

So, will see, maybe I'll simplify one day!   ;)


Below are a few details on the closet and which materials my husband used:

All built on 2x4 frame to elevate off the floor
Sides and shelves built from MDF.  

Screws used are SPAX designed specifically for MDF and all countersunk.
Shelves - 24” deep for clothing sections, 12” for shoe sections

Face frames built from clear 1”x2”, 1”x3” or 1’x4”.

No need to prime as that has primer in it.

Clothes Rods - Went with the heavy duty rods, even though the max length was only 42” wide for long dresses (most were only 36” wide.  Didn’t want any sag at all)

Shoe shelves spaced 8.5” for shoes (Tall enough for heels and booties),  3 separate shelves spaced at 5.5” for tennis shoes and sandals.  One section for boots at 21” high)

Closet shelves for sweaters/jeans spaced 14” apart
Enough room for roughly 155 Pairs of shoes and 5 pairs of boots 

Flooring used was special order from Home Depot.

Lighting added was 4 4” recessed cans (remodel) that included a whit trim and reflective silver baffle and replaced center light with the flushmount light from Pottery Barn (no longer available). Similar option.

Drawers 40” wide 16” deep, also made with MDF.  Used full-extension slides and build drawer and then added 1”x2” face frame to match overall face frame design.  Shelves in built-in adjustable with shelf pins.

If you have any question or want to know more details, please feel free to ask in the comments below. 

Thank you for reading and have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Whoa Your closet is amazing and so spacious. Same here I dream of a well curated minimal closet on day. I started the process because now I have less clothes than I had 2 years ago. I still have a long way to go.


    1. Thank you! Blogging makes it a little hard to keep a minimal wardrobe. Definitely takes time ;)

  2. It was so fun to peek inside your closet. It's absolutely beautiful!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  3. I have one question!! Can your husband make a closet like that for me!!!. I love how you worked together and he was the one to suggest more space. I think my husband would say the opposite!!!lol. Thank you for the inspiration though!!

    1. haha I told him he could go into closet-builidng-business ;) Thank you!

  4. look amazing. I'm pinning AWAY!!!!! it's all so pinteresting ;)

  5. Your closet is so gorgeous and bright! Love the flooring as well!

    x S | Design by Sydnee ��

  6. I loved this because I get to see all the pretty clothes and shoes you’ve collected over the years! Everything is so neat and bright, just like a boutique- total closet goals :-)

    1. Thank you so much Ella! Definitely accumulated more things with more space ;)

  7. This looks so dreamy! I love all the white and the wood floor is gorgeous. I love that your husband honored you by putting so much time and heart & soul into something you are passionate about {style}. That is the most amazing part of it. Kudos to both of you...strong work. XO!

  8. OH MY!!! This is so perfectly organised! I want everything from this closet! :D

  9. My husband is totally the opposite. So glad yours was willing to design to your needs!!! Love this post!!!!

  10. Your husband definitely has a talent for building! It looks beautiful, and that was no small task! I’ve got the smallest closet I’ve ever had in my current house. If I ever moved to a house with a bigger closet, I wouldn’t have enough clothes to fill it up, lol!

    Thank you so much for sharing, it is absolutely something to be proud of! Way to go Lilly’s husband!

  11. What a beautiful space! He did an amazing job!

  12. Such a beautiful closet! I can't get over how much space you have especially for your lovely shoe collection! Thanks so much for sharing your space with us. Your husband is so sweet and talented to help you build it to fit your needs.

    1. Thank you so much Jess! Loved that this closet was his idea.

  13. I thought I commented on this, but I don’t see it. I love the bright open space you have! Your husband definitely has talent, you’d never know that was his first time doing a job like that! And that was no small job!

    1. Thank you Teresa! It was definitely a project...took a while but worth the wait :)

  14. Love the closet! Can you tell me where you got you long cabinet pulls? Thanks!

    1. Thank you :) They're from Menards.

  15. LOVE IT!!! I am soooo using this as my inspo! I am currently in the process of remodeling and can't wait to start working on my master closet. I have a question about the shoe shelves and the rest of the shelves. Are they adjustable? Because I can't see on the pictures where there are additional holes to adjust the height. I was also trying to read through your details but wasn't sure what you meant with "Shelves in built-in adjustable with shelf pins."
    XOXO, Mei :)

    1. Hey Mei...sorry about the late reply. My comments have been going into the spam folder lately. No clue why.
      The shelves are not adjustable. I didn't want any visible holes. We measured for the shoe shelves so that my tallest heels and short booties could fit. An then some shelves for flats that are not as high. The only thing I would change about the shoe shelves is add more room for tall boots.
      I think the confusing "shelves...." part is the ones above the drawers that are adjustable :)


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