Fitting Room Snapshots and more…

Happy Thursday! 

Sharing a few fitting room snapshots from Old Navy. I loved pretty much everything I tried on. Old Navy definitely doesn’t have shortage of cute stuff at the moment. 

And there are also three pairs of shoes from Target that you need to know about….

And a super cute bag (you might have seen it on my Instastories.  Are you following me on Instagram yet?  NO?  Ok, go follow me and then come back 😉 

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Moving on….

This combo 😍  If you like soft button downs than you’ll love this one. I don’t like OR look good in stiff button downs. That’s why my favorites ones are from Target, Old Navy and more affordable stores.   I have a very similar one from Target and I’m trying to find differences between the two so I can get this one (I think the stripes look different haha 😉  

 I tried on size XS  (you can see it alone in the picture below this one).  It fits just fine, but I would prefer a slightly looser fit. If you do too, sizes up. 

This carding is in size Small and it’s a good size for layering. Feel comfortable. 

Relaxed Shirt  |   Cardigan  

 see, it fits just fine but I like it looser 

Another amazing button down (the blue is brighter than in this picture. same as online). Also have a shirt with the same blue/white stripes (red/white as well) but mine is not this long…so…perhaps this one could be justified 😉  Also tried on size XS. 

Classic striped button down

How adorable is this striped sweatshirt with hearts?!  The smaller size available in store was Medium, which I’m wearing and I’m liking the loose fit (if you’re not in the loose tops, stick to your size or go up a size for just for extra comfort).
Striped Sweatshirt

See what I mean when I said everything I tried on is so cute?!  Loved this tee, perfect for lounging or even layering under a cardigan.  Tried on size SMALL.

Seriously loved this jacket so much.  The color, the style…very nice!  I tried on size Small and it was fitted but not tight. XS would have been tight and as you can see sizing up looks just right. 

Loved the color of these joggers. Tried on size Small and they were a little big on top (you can’t really see it from the jacket).  Perhaps someone with a major booty (and I’m not flat in the back). Perhaps that’s the look?  I didn’t try xs because I wouldn’t have liked them tight since they didn’t feel stretchy (I got spoiled by my ridiculously soft joggers I wear around the house).
Zip up Jacket

and a couple of dresses I thought would made nice cover-ups.
  (I wish it came in Tall for everyday wear. It’s shorter than it looks on me but for beach is perfect)
Shirt dress in xs

Embroidered Shift Dress in xs

Moving on to Target shoes…  

Before I go on, remember just because something is cheap it doesn’t mean the quality is bad or it’s uncomfortable. I have a pair of Target flats I bought a few years ago that have been one of my most comfortable flats. More comfortable than flats that cost $70+   Some other Target shoes didn’t work out for me.  But don’t give up if one pair doesn’t fit you or feels uncomfortable. 

I love the brand at Target. They have the cutest stuff and all three pairs of shoes I got are from that brand.  I haven’t worn them outside but they seemed comfy around the house. 

Black Loafers – I mean how amazing are these?!   They feel really nice on. 

Shirt (super old) – similar here, here and here  

w/this cute and comfy bralette (wearing size Small)  |   Jeans

Blush Mules – out of the 3 pairs I got these feel the clumsiest…Maybe because they’re mules? or maybe because I got 1/2 bigger?  Not sure!  I went up 1/2 size because I hate when my heel sticks out even slightest. I might go ahead and order my actual size…guessing my actual sizes will be fine as there is a tad room to these. 

Also, it will be interesting to find out how long I keep these clean once it gets nice out.   But I can’t be too mad for the price. 

Blush Mules  |  Jeans  |   Very similar shirt

These are beyond cute! 😍  I usually have to go up 1/2 in Target shoes (rarely am I my true size). I did get these in my true size and I think I might have to go up 1/2. They fit but feel snug. I’ll wear them with thick socks around the house, maybe they’ll stretch a little. 

Gingham Bow Flats

I didn’t get to snap a pic of me wearing this bag/what it looks like on (might update it later today with a pic of me wearing it). It’s so cute!  I’m actually taking the bag with me on vacation. I never like to take pricier bag to resorts with me. No need really.
Bag – comes three more colors 

And of course I have to post this picture because Zoey is in it. And I trimmed her face too much  🙈

But she’s still cute 😍
ALSO, while I am working on a hair post until that comes I’ll tell you one stylish product that makes my hair look like this. I have fine/thin hair and this product make it looks like I have a ton of it.  And it give it this great texture.  It IS $$ but it lasts long and does that job.
ORIBE Dry texturizing spray  (p.s. I love ordering from Net-a-porter because their packaging is beyond amazing.).

Also in case you missed it, Shopbop is having extra 25% off sale items and there are a lot of great items on sale!  Today is the last day – 1/25!
My favorite cashmere scarf is on sale + extra 25% – great deal for what it is.
Also a ton of Sam Edelman shoes are on sale with extra % off.

Tomorrow my Closet Tour goes live! Finally!



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  1. 1.25.18
    Ella Pretty Blog said:

    Waiting eagerly for your hair post – it looks amazing! Also – agree with you on not taking pricier bags on holiday! I would totally buy those target flats – in fact I may have to order them online!

  2. 1.25.18
    Faith said:

    Such great finds! I have to get to Old Navy and Target asap!

  3. 1.25.18
    curly said:

    Those Target shoes are to die for. Super,super cute!

  4. 1.27.18
    Teresa Loop said:

    My Target never seems to get many of the styles, they remodeled and the shoe department is half the size it used to be. I saw so many cute styles online though! I did get the blush mules, also felt like they may be a smidge loose, may return them…. there was another pair of loafers with a back that fold down, then they’re a mule. Those black loafers are ��

  5. 1.28.18
    ShyMiss said:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair! I can't even focus on the outfits, because I'm obsessed with your new hair. So looking forward to the hair post. Can you include a picture of the cut straight? I'd like to take it to my stylist and ask for your exact cut and color! <3

    • 2.4.18
      Lilly Style said:

      Thank you so much! I'll included all the details (I just asked for a blunt cut 😉 But all deets coming soon..

  6. 2.2.18
    Ruby Gaxiola said:

    I agree! I'm still waiting on a hair post.