Fitting Room Snapshots

I haven’t been to Nordstrom in forever it seems, so on the way home from Ikea we made a stop. 

Tried on a few cute pieces. 

Before I start, my bar necklace (I’ve had it for a few years now, I think they brought it back…it looks exactly the same). Here is a similar option for $14.
 My circle pendant necklace (comes as set of two, I wear just one usually).   Here is another similar option. I wear this combo pretty much every single day. With everything.
 I recently got this one which I add once in a while.
My rings – this one and this one.

It’s no secret that I have a problem when it comes to striped tops.  That’s why this one came home with me.  I have three of these tees already just in solid colors…and they’re on sale at the moment.   They’re a nice relaxed fit.  Wearing XS (other ones I have are all XS as well). 

I love Topshop Jamie jeans. I have two pairs (my black pair are among my most worn jeans). Their sizing is different, so do follow the chart. I’m size 26 in jeans and in Topshop jeans I’m 28.  

 Striped Cotton Tee  |   Jeans 

These jeans ran small for me…wearing size 28 here (I’m usually size 26 in jeans). Other reviews say they run tts.  

I liked the light distressing and the hem (even though I decide if they fit me and I get them I’d trim the hem a tad).  They seemed soft and comfy.  This brand jeans is affordable and seems to be liked my many. Unfortunately, I don’t like the way they fit me (they look good in the pic).  


Had to try this Topshop blazer.  It looked so nice, heavier fabric and the button details (less button on the left side).  Great classic piece. I didn’t see my size so I tried 36 which was way too big (even though I’m 34 in blazer/jackets I think in this one I could have taken 32 as I wouldn’t want it oversized).  The quality seems great too.

Blazer   (my jeans below and my booties now 50% off)

I loved this dress!  It can easily be styled for Spring, Summer and Fall. Tried on XS here and it was a great fit!  It’s not low cut. My only complaint is the lining…it’s short (why is everyone making short lining????).  There is a lot of fabric on the bottom so it might not be sheer in the sun (but again, there is lining, I just think it should be knee length).  I loved the dress though and for $59 I couldn’t pass it up. I’m actually surprised that it isn’t more than that! 

Ruffle Wrap Maxi Dress

This dress….it could have been SUCH a perfect dress. The length is perfect, it falls perfectly, the color and print are beautiful…. but the low low low cut….ugh why?!   Hence my hand there…it’s covering even more.   Also the exposed shoulder wasn’t necessary…  It’s not bad but I think it would have looked better if it matched the other side (which I would have fixed if it wasn’t so low cut. Can’t even tell you how bummed I am about this dress.  😩)

The dress that had so much potential in XS

Really liked this dress but clearly this one is too small.  My size wasn’t available so I tried on xxs. XS would have been a great fit. I’d say it runs tts. 

Stripe Ruffle Wrap Dress

I think everyone and their mother has this dress (it has 1.6K reviews!).  So I had to try it on. I took size Medium as the small looked so tiny. I know they’re supposed to be super fitted. This one fit great on the bottom but was a tad big from the waist up.  Small would have been super tight on the bottom but good on top (which might work in a darker color).   I do have two similar ruched dresses (that I had for almost 5 years) and ruched dresses tend to be forgiving (especially in darker colors).  

Ruched Body-Con Dress

Another super low cut dress! Tried on xs and it was really tight on the top.  Love it in ivory but…the super low cut. Another no. 

Free People Dress

 This dress would have been so great if it was longer (it’s shorter than it appears in the picture. I’m 5’6″ for ref.).   I love the embroidered ruffle details on it.  Seems like a cute, comfy dress though. I’d recommend it if you are shorter (or like shorter dresses).  I tried on Small here and it’s a tad big. XS would have been a better fit. I’d say it runs tts. 

Lace Trim Dress

I had high hopes for this dress but I didn’t like how it looked on.  It felt semi-frumpy on. Also ran just a tad big. But loved the colors. 

Stripe Ruffle Dress

I’ll share the dresses I’ve purchased so far on here this week. So stay tuned. 

How cute is this little bag?!  Love the wood handles.  Perfect for Summer. 

String Wooden handle bag

Another cute Spring/Summer bag.  Good size and price 🙂

Crab Straw tote bag

I also picked up a perfume I’ve been thinking about for months.  Fragrances tend to trigger my allergies so I can’t wear anything too strong, lotions or perfumes…especially anything overly floral-y (hello nausea too).  A couple of years ago I picked up Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt which I LOVE  (I’ve tested pretty much every other perfume/cologne of theirs and loved this one the best.

 But they have a TON of options, just depends what type of scent you prefer). 

 They have never triggered my allergies but I also don’t bathe in them (not sure where I heard this but it goes something like this – If you can smell yourself, you’re killing others).  So just because you can’t smell it, it doesn’t mean others can’t  (I’ve been complimented so many times “you smell so good” but I couldn’t smell anything on me). 

 Anyway, the one I picked up the other day is Joe Malone Myrrh & Tonka. Ahhh, so good. Worth every penny  (it’s like a distant cousin of Dior Hypnotic Poison but way better). 

That’s it for today!  Hope you like some of these pieces. 


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  1. 4.9.18
    Melanie Jo Wrobleski said:

    Lilly, I'm totally digging your layering necklaces. Where can I find them? XOXO

  2. 4.9.18
    Lilly Style said:

    Hi Melanie, totally forgot to add that important info (it is my favorite combo). Thanks for the reminder. I added the details on the beginning of this post. XO

  3. 4.10.18
    kristine said:

    So bummed the Loft necklace is out of stock.:( I ordered the bar necklace though, and I'm seriously considering the stripe shirt but like you I already have so many! 😄

  4. 4.11.18
    Joan Crandall said:

    I loved this post! The names you gave the items definitely made me laugh this morning. I jumped on that striped Madewell top too.