Friday Love List – Beauty Favorite (Sephora Sale)

Happy Friday!

When Sephora runs a great promo, it’s the perfect time to stock-up on your favorites. 

Below are my must-haves!  Many of these I have repurchased multiple times and would recommend them. Some I’d highly recommend! 

 (Just remember, things work different for everyone).

1 – this was my first Jo Malone fragrance – Wood Sage and Sea Salt. I was SO happy to find that they do not bother my allergies (supposedly they work well for allergies suffers because of what they do and don’t use in these Whatever that is lol).  It’s a great year-around fragrance, but especially perfect for warmer months. 

2 – this is my newest Jo Malone purchase. O.M.G….why did I wait so long to get this one. It smells SO SO good. It’s a subtle sexy smell – that’s how I would describe it in short. My husband makes a comment how good it smells every single time I wear it. These two fragrances are hands down my favorite. 

3 – I have not tried this, but it’s on my wish list. I love to treat myself to “fancy” lip products. I’ve already placed one ordered but as soon as I’m done with this post I “need” to place one more. 

4 – I’m almost out of this lipstick so I re-ordered it. It’s color 226 – Delight. It just the right amount of pink, almost a sheer pink. Definitely pretty subtle and that’s probably why I love it. It keeps lips nicely moisturized too. 

5 – one of my favorite hair products. Great for fine/thin hair. I’ve repurchased it multiple times.  A little goes a long way. 

6 – finally tried this earlier this year. Wish I had purchased it sooner, would have saved my hair from all the breakage. Ordered a backup. 

7 – probably one of my most repurchased items.  Works great for those of us who have large pores.

8 –  also repurchased this baby a few times. I’m sure you’ve heard everyone talk about this concealer. 

9 – another favorite that works wonders. Highly recommend this setting powder. I use a brush. 

10 – another favorite of mine. My dry ends love this stuff. And it smells amazing. 

11 – it took my forever to splurge on this trio. And it’s is a major splurge. I love that the wands are interchangeable, makes it easier to travel with too. 

12 – I’ve tried a few Belif products, travel sizes, and loved them so much.  I appreciate when brands have travel sizes. Not only is it great for traveling but it’s perfect if you want to try something before committing to a full size. 

13 – I love this shampoo/conditioner. I purchased the travel size to have for an upcoming trip. I purchased these in full size but I like replenishing moisture ones better for my hair. 

14 – love this mini brush! Every time I travel it comes with me. Great to keep in our bag or car too. 

15 –  I have a tangle teezer but want this one with the handle. 

16 – this is one item I haven’t tried but hear everyone rave about Elephant products 

17 – this stuff is amazing! Express tan. 1-3 hours tan..depending how deep of a tan you want.  I actually put it on a couple of hours ago and will wash it off as soon as I’m done here. 

18 –  The self-tan applicant mitt is a must have. It distributes the product perfectly. I wash mine after each use. 

19 – another favorite of mine. Few years ago I started having very mild “winter eczema”…just a few small spots here and there but this lotion has worked amazingly.  Pricey but I found it to be worth it. Comes in travel sizes too. 

20 – I used to have a love/hate relationship with this product. I LOVE that is has spf 50, it doesn’t irritate my skin and it provides nice coverage.  I just had to learn to use a little…because a little goes a long way. Which in the beginning I didn’t do. Also what you apply it with makes a huge difference. Beauty blender works great but sometimes clean hands do too.  Comes in mini size too. 

21 – another great product for those dark under eye circle which I have. I will always have, unfortunately. 

22 – I love sets. It’s a great time to try different products without committing to full sizes.

I ended up ordering a few more things that are not on the list below, but remembered them later on. 
I got another one Laurer Mercier Mineral Powder (I use Classic Beige), also order the Briogeo Scalp Revival (heard great things about it and I hope it’s just what my scalp needs), I always get the Mini Lash Sampler (I haven’t tried two mascara in the kit, but the other one I already know I like.  Plus, for me, mini mascaras work so much better than full size. Perhaps the full size dries out too quick) and lastly, I got Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing concentrate (I tried a sample and really liked it). 

That’s it. Hopefully I won’t remember more stuff I “needed”  😉 

What are some of your favorite products?

I would love to hear….So do tell me in the comments below 😁

Have a lovely weekend! 


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  1. 4.22.18
    curly said:

    BUMBLE AND BUMBLE Thickening Full Form Volume Mousse is my fav,works wonderfully for thin hair.