Fitting room Snapshots

I just have some fitting room snaps I wanted to share since there is a great promotion going on this weekend

LOFT – 40% off your purchase on full priced items and extra 40% off sale items.

Quick stop at Loft to return something and on the way out noticed this skirt!  I’m still patting myself on the bag for noticing it 😂lol

Of course I grabbed it as it was love at first sight. Grabbed size 2..which was smallest size available in store… and was so happy when I realized it fits perfectly.  Size 0 would have been too snug in the waist and I like food to much to bother with anything too tight in the waist.

It’s lined. It has pockets, The belt is removable and it has the prettiest gold buttons (not super shiny). Those are such a nice touch.  It’s priced a tad higher but with the 40% I don’t think I can find a skirt this nice for less.

Button down A-line Skirt in size 2 

Tank top  in sizes Small (I complained how the xs came up too high under arms. which might not bother most people but it bothers me, especially during hot months).  Size Small was actually a good bit and didn’t come up too high under arms.

This shirt dress is almost everything I look for in a shirt dress (it’s been hard to find one that meets all my requirements and still affordable at the same time.  That’s not asking for much, is it?!  😉

Lengh ✓ Not stiff ✓ (I don’t like when it it has a stiff-dressshirt-like-collar).  Pockets ✓

So it almost has everything… but it’s a bit sheer 😢  in the sun.

The price with the current 40% off is not bad but also not the best for a semi-see-through dress.  Update: I ended up purchasing it.

Tried on XS and liked the way it fit.  I’d say it runs tts.   Also just saw this dress online and now I want it. AHHHH, these sales are killing me lol. But it’s timeless.

Tie Waist Shirt Dress in xs

Cute details on this shift dress. It’s a tad roomier (you can almost size down) but I think if I would have purchased it, I would stick to my actual size.

not seeing it online

you can see it’s a bit roomier. But once it sits normally it’s not really noticeable.

I thought it was a tad hard to get into this dress and once I had it on I realized there is a zipper on the side lol

Tried on size 2 on this dress  (0 was not available) and it had just a tad room on the top (might work great if you’re bustier).  It wasn’t too big enough where I would have been bothered by it.  I almost think size 0 might have been a bit tight in hips maybe if sitting down… Hard to tell without being able to try my true size on. But size 2 wasn’t really too big.

Zig Zag Strappy Dress

How adorable are these shorts!?!  Love the colors. Didn’t notice a zipper but the waist is stretchy so no issues putting these on. Waist is tightened with the waist belt. Tried on size 2 in these and they fit great.

Also saw these scalloped shorts but not in my size. So cute though.

Shorts in size 2 

You might know by now I have a thing for this style of cami’s. I love these year around (under blazers, cardigans even when they peek under sweaters).  And especially in the Summer because they’re light and breezy.  Only two of these were left in store and smallest size was Small…which was too big for me.

Definitely would stick to my size, xs.  The color is a deep green…very pretty in person.

Also love this one that I just saw online.

Cami – not seeing it online in Regular.  Avai. in Plus
but there is more cute cami’s 

I forgot to grab jeans or plain shorts to try with tops hence these random tops with this pretty skirt.

This top is a lot cuter in person and it’s not something I’d pair with this skirt 😉

Embroidered Square top in xs

More of my favorites


“yay of the day” has ended but everything is still 40% off with FREE SHIPPING now

1  |  2  |   3  |  4   |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10  

Which dress is your favorite??


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    Lots of cute pieces to wear! Lovely !

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    Adorable picks.