Fitting Room snapshots – (a ton of cute dresses too)

Hello Weekend (almost)

This week I lacked the motivation to blog. But I have some fitting room snaps I want to share  since many gorgeous dresses are on sale, both at LOFT and Ann Taylor.
I’ve been wearing dresses a lot lately…nothing is easier to throw on and go.

I’m blown away with Ann Taylor’s new arrivals. Ahhhh…so much good stuff.

I’ll start with Ann Taylor because I had better luck there. While they’re pricier than Loft dresses, I find the quality to the a lot nicer too..most of the time.

I’m going to try and make sense today but be warned…I’m running on 4h of sleep…and I’m a 8-9 kinda gal. Well that’s what my body tells me it needs 😉

Love, love this dress. My only compliant is, it’s just a tad low cut. Barely though. I love all the details. It fits tts. I can see how some ladies might say that it looks like a maternity dress because of the “extra” fabric around the midsection. I think it looks flattering and makes it fall perfectly.  It’s called “bubble dress” so that would probably explain the style.   I’m a fan of this dress and I’d recommend it. I got size 0.
Tropical Leaf Buble Dress  😍  Sandals  tts (so comfy)

Another gorgeous dress! Even more flattering in person and the style is beautiful. Love the boatneck neckline. Tried on size 0 and it fits tts for me. Like with many flare dresses, they’re fitted on top. So, if you’re very busty you might have to size up.
Pleated Flare Dress 😍

 Another dress I’m in love with. Pictures don’t do it any justice. It’s a faux wrap dress. The fabric is on point for the style. Like every wrap and faux wrap dress I own, it requires either a pin or hollywood tape.  I personally have never owned a wrap dress that stays up on the chest.
Can’t say enough good things about this dress. I wore it this afternoon with slides and it can be a cute every day dress and it looks great with heels. Blog post on how I wore it coming Monday or Tuesday.  So versatile.  Runs tts. Wearing size 0 below which is what I got.
Floral Wrap Dress 😍

I’m so glad this dress comes in Tall too. It is so pretty. It’s a shift style so don’t think it’s oversized. 😉  Tried on size 0 and it was a great fit. I’d go with Tall if I decide to get it.
Floral Sleeveless Shift Dress

I think Ann Taylor is trying to make us all broke haha.  Why so many gorgeous dresses at once???!!!!
Wish I had this dress for my bridal shower. SO SO cute! The floral details are so pretty. It’s a shift dress fyi.  Wearing size 0 below and it’s a good fit.
Floral Halter Dress

Hello gorgeous!  Classic and timeless. There are pretty ‘laster cut floral’ detail on each side of the waist…love that detail. Tried on size 0 Regular and it fit ok. It does come in Tall and Petite as well. Comes also in black (but not in Tall).
Laser cut floral sheath dress in size 0

Also this dress looks SO pretty. Wasn’t available in store unfortunately.

This is such a cute skirt.  Size 2 was a good fit…but…here comes the but…it was a tad see-through. I had white undies (TMI? lol) and I could see the lace 😳 so…if that tells you anything lol.  I think it definitely requires nude thongs. I don’t think white thongs do quite the job lol
On a different note, this fringe sleeveless sweater is dreams (not on sale right now unfortunately, but I’ll keep you posted once it is. Because it’s SO nice. And it looks AMAZING with white bottoms).
Denim Sailor Skirt in size 2

Loved this lace skirt. Size 2 was a good on this one as well.  Ignore the weird front tuck and the red sandals…just didn’t feel like taking them off for each outfit. This ruffle top is in xs  (almost like a thin sweater). Love the sleeve details.
Lace skirt

LOVE this skirt! I have this style in black already. My sizes wasn’t available, which would have been size 2, so I tried size 4 in Petites. It was a good fit and still long enough.  I have the pencil version of this skirt from last year (just wore it the other day actually) so I couldn’t justify getting this one.  But I would recommend it.
Seersucker skirt 

I ordered this floral skirt in size 2.  I love the happy colors. I can’t decided how I feel about it though. There seems to be a tad extra fabric in the hip area (thought about size 0 but worried it might be too small in the waist).  I don’t think it looks bad. I should have tried ironing it, maybe that would have helped.
The tank is from Loft.  Love, love the style but it comes up too high under the armpits. XS is also super tight…perhaps getting size Small might solve all the issues.
 I have this one and this one both in xs and those fit much nicer.
Floral skirt in size 2  |  Mules – on sale + come in TON of colors. Super comfy

How gorgeous are these sandals?!  I have two pairs from last year but the bow has been updated this year.  If they’re anything like the old version, which are comfortable for all day wear, these would be must-haves. Got my usual sizes and they seem to be true to size.
Suede Bow Sandals – also in black

LOFT – buy 2 get 20% off, buy 3 get 30% off, buy 4 get 40% off – all full priced styles
(I’d probably get a dress or two and a couple of tank tops).

Loved this top. Super light. It’s roomy and you possibly could size down. I almost wanted to order xxs but didn’t feel like waiting  so I decided to go with my usual size, xs. I like roomy tops in many styles, especially during hotter days.  Can’t wait to show you how I styled this top (might share it on Instagram first, so make sure you follow me 😉
Striped Ruffle Tank

 I loved the raw hem on these jeans and they fit nicely. Not thin like many.  They ran tts for me.  I just didn’t like that they were low cut.  Low cut jeans are not flattering on my body at all.  Other than that, quite nice.

This top is so adorable. The only flaw I found with it is that it came up a tad too high. I wouldn’t like it low cut, but just maybe an inch lower. Still super cute though. Tried on xs and since it has a bit stretch/elastic band in the back I could go down to xxs (but I’m also not busty).
Eyelet botton down shell 

Tried this top on in size XS.  I love the color and the laser cut details but it was way too roomy. I’d suggest sizing down unless you do want it this roomy.
Striped Eyelet Peplum top in xs

I loved this dress so much but was so bummed to find to it’s sheer! The fabric is super thin so you’d think they’d line it.
  So tired of coming across cute but sheer dresses (and this not limited to more affordable dresses. I purchased one that was $160 just to find out, when I came home and took the tags off,  that it’s sheer!).
Striped Shirt Dress in xs

XS was not available in store, tried n Small.  Would definitely need xs in this one. I’d say this one runs tts. The fabric is super light making it perfect for hot summer days. Fun print for Summer too. 

Floral Paisley waist dress

Such a pretty dress! Too short on me (doesn’t look like it in this picture. The back was even shorter).  This dress is now on sale + extra 40% off 

Love the color and print on this dress. Wearing xs here and I like the way it fits. It comes in Tall but XS was sold out so I ordered xxs but it’s the same length as xs regular…which is odd.  Can’t decided if I want to keep it or not  (If I do, I’d keep the xs regular). 

Floral Dress in xs

This dress was the most comfortable dress I tried at Loft. Super soft.  It’s low cut (lower cut than on this picture. Adjusted it for the pic but it doesn’t stay. I’d say this one requires a pin).  I did order the Midi version in black but I liked the polka dot better 

Wrap dress in xs 

This is such a cute dress. Tried on xs and while it looks on the bigger side, this is the style of the dress. It’s super comfy, cute and fun. 

Eyelet halter dress in xs

Cute summer dress. Lined but don’t know if it’s still sheer in the sun. The fabric is kinda gauzy.  Easily dresses up or down. Tried on size XS and it was a good fit. Comes in Petites and Tall as well.
Polka dot dress

I just saw this dress online…how did I miss it?!  It’s SO Cute!!!

These pics will be somewhat blurry. It’s gloomy out now and once I lighted them they lost some clarity.

I was so excited about this dress. Probably one of my faves from Loft. I ordered size 0.  Unfortunately, it comes up to high under arm-pits and it’s super tight around there as well.   I would definitely need size 2 because of that. Other than that, this dress is so pretty.
Ruffle Tie Waist Halter dress 

This is the midi version of polka dot wrap dress above. Thought I was going to love it but I don’t. Perhaps it’s because I have a few that are very similar.  Also, I wasn’t crazy on how it fit me. It almost seems like I need a smaller size. The shorter version was a much better fit.  Will be returning it.
Wrap Maxi Dress in xs

I had high hopes for this dress not only because it’s cute but it can be worn on the shoulder and off the shoulder.  The fabric is quite thin, but feels nice. But it’s Sheer!   I can’t believe this dress is $98 full priced.  The style is super cute but not worth the price since it’s sheer and nothing really special.
What’s with the sheer dresses, Loft?!  This one is definitely going back.
Overpriced off the shoulder dress 

Feel free to ask any questions or more details on any items.   Hope you find something you like 😉

Have a wonderful weekend!


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    Lilly, I agree, wish I had that beautiful white one for my bridal shower! It's my favorite!

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      Even my husband liked it haha