Fitting Room Snapshots

Happy Thursday! 

Got a few fitting room snaps to share from Uniqlo and Nordstrom. 

Before I start, I know someone is going to ask about my bow slides 😉 I’ve been wearing them a ton. 

They’re by Kaanas and come in four colors.

Loft is also running a great promo right now…
Chex out my last fitting room snapshots. 

The sleeveless sweater is a great chic staple but the smallest size they had in black was Medium and it’s already super stretchy. I made it work for pics but ended up getting another color (as seen in yesterdays blog post). These are perfect to tuck into high-waisted skirts. It works with high-waisted jeans as well but it might be short for anything lower than that.  Cute but not a must-have. 

Skirt (new, better version), this one is also same style.  Loved this skirt and the style. It actually looked cute with the converse too (like the gingham one below).  Tried on size Small and it just fit right. Wouldn’t mind a tiny bit more room in the waist but overall comfy fit.



This gingham skirt (sold out) is pretty much the same style as the white skirt. Both have pockets too. Wearing size Small below as well. Really love it with the sneakers. 


I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of wide leg high-waisted pants with tie waist (very specific lol)  and would have never thought to look at Uniqlo. But these were such a score at only $30. Tried on size Small and it was just a right fit the waist. I thought I also grabbed a size Medium just to compare (but I grabbed another Small). I thought I perhaps needed a tad more room in the waist. But didn’t really (I think I just like everything extra comfy).   (as seen in this post)
Linen Cotton Pants in Small


This is the color of these pants I thought I originally wanted. Still thinking about getting this color. It would look amazing with a white top.   If I do end up getting them I might get them shortened a bit.
Wide Leg Pants


Few snaps from Nordstrom

The white top I’m wearing is old.

Adorable ruffle skirt.  Size Small seemed ok but I didn’t like the fit on me.
Ruffle Skirt in size Small


Loved this skirt so much but was bummed that it’s a bit see-through.  Seems to be the case with linen skirts and dresses though. If you don’t mind wearing a slip it’s a cute skirt at a decent price.
Linen skirt in size Small


Loved this light top. It’s quite thin and barely sheer but the nude bra in not visible.  Loved the cute detail in the back…so cute!   Tried on xxs as the XS looked a little too boxy and definitely linked the fit of the xxs.  I’d say you can easily go down a size in this top.  Comes white/blue as well.

Jeans – I yet have to find a pair of Madewell jeans that fit me well (haven’t tried on too many but ones I did try on did not work for me. Love their jeans too…hoping a pair will fit me one of these days). Tried my usual size and they fit ok.  Sometimes there is a tad too much fabric in the crotch area and these had that.
Stripe Tie Back Top  in xxs


I’m sure you’ve seen this dress on every blogger in different colors.  It does have almost 700 reviews 🙀
Cute dress for the price.  Straps are adjustable which is great….helps with making it a bit less low cut too.  Not that I have much up there.
I tried on size Small and couldn’t not zip it in the back (see pic below this one).  I’d suggest going up a size in this one.
 Also, it would be nice if the lining was longer… I call it mini-lining!  Loved this color though.  Overall cute dress with minor flaws (according to my personal preferences 😉
Lace Midi Dress

The back of the size Small…this is how far I could zip it up.  Bummed Medium wasn’t available for me to try on.


I’ve already tried this dress in Medium a few months ago but wanted to see what the size Small fits like.
Forgiving dress though, it has ton of reviews (1.9K)  and it comes in more colors.
I have two knee length dresses like this (which I don’t wear much, so still didn’t get it.  I’m way to into midi lengths right now).
But it’s a nice everyday dress that looks great with sneakers too.
Ruched body-con dress


I really liked the style of this dress.  I’m majorly into midi skirts/dresses this year (have been for years, but this year I love them even more).
Tried on size Small in this dress and it was a good fit. It also comes red.
Lace trim Midi dress – lined.


The style and gingham print are so cute on this top.  I thought I loved it, but I think I loved the idea of it.   Granted, this was size Medium (smallest available).  Perhaps a smaller size would look better.
Gingham top

Thanks for reading! 💗


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  1. 6.21.18
    Tiff from Colorado said:

    Hi Lilly! The gingham skirt with the white sneakers….so very 50s retro- super cute look! Too bad the pink gingham top didn't come in your size- it looks so cute on you 🙂 As for your reply to my comment the other day about not getting the army green romper because of your love/hate relationship with your legs….I get that mindset as I have it was well, but girrrrrl….your legs are totally awesome- just sayin'. Now I'm off to get a Ruched BodyCon dress (have I mentioned my love/hate relationship with you? LOVE you, your blog and your style…hate that you feed my already baaadd shopping habit! 😉 #sorrynotsorry You rock sista. Have a great day…