Fitting Room Snapshots – Sweaters under $50

Happy November!

If you would ask me to recommend one place to shop for amazing and affordable sweaters, I’d recommend H&M.  I think they have the best sweaters for the price.
Most are under $50, but the price ranges from $10 to $200 (for cashmere).

I’ve never had any issues with their sweaters and I’ve been shopping at H&M for 20+ years (gosh that makes me sound old).

It all obviously depends how one washes and dries sweaters. I personally don’t like putting my sweaters in the dryer (I do a few) but for the most part I use one of these to dry them.

A lot of H&M sweaters are a tad boxy and more of a relaxed fit. Keep that in mind. Also, sleeves tend to be roomier.

I usually stick to my size in H&M sweaters.

Knit Turtleneck sweater in xs

Loved the color of this sweater but xs was not available and as you can tell, small was a tad bigger than I would have liked (sleeves tend to be extra roomy).
Light Brown Sweater 

There is also a similar style in Mohair-Blend

Crew-Neck Sweater

Love the color (obviously 😉 and the style.  I don’t remember which size I tried on in this one (I think it was small).  Stick to your size or size down.

Side Slit sweater

Nice cable knit sweater but I think it runs small.  Not sure I would have liked xs  (but I prefer slightly relaxed fits)

Cable Knit sweater

This is such a great color for Fall.  And it’s only $20.  Tried on xs and it’s a nice relaxed fit.

It comes in multiple colors.

Olive sweater   LOVE This mock neck one

same as above. forgot I tried it on 3 weeks earlier

Not seeing these exact colors, but there is this option.

Great basic sweater and it comes multiple colors.

Fine knit V neck sweater

same sweater as above

Loved this fuzzy sweater.  This one would be great two pair with skirts since it’s not super long. A front tuck looks nice too with high-waisted bottoms.

Fuzzy Sweater  in xs

Loved this sweater . Great length. Tried on XS in this side slit sweater and I liked the fit.

Side Slit Sweater

Tried on Small in this sweater and it was quite roomy. You can stick to your size or even go down a size, depending how you want it to fit.

Oatmeal sweater

Similar to the sweater above but turtleneck style.  XS was not available in this one either so tried on Small.  I would stick to my actual size, xs, in this one as well.

Turtleneck sweater 

Loved this sweater but again xs was not available in store. Tried on small and as with most sweaters it was quite roomy.  If they’re already slightly oversized, I like to stick to my size.

Not seeing this exact one online, but there is this option.

V-neck sweater – comes in more colors

This color is showing sold out, but sometimes they get restocked.  This one sold out fast (I have it in a different color). It’s so amazing for the price. Super soft. TTS


I was so excited to find this blazer in my size and it’s only $35.  The new sizing at H&M is throwing me off big time.  This is 34 (which is what I have purchased in the past for blazers or coats) but this one was way too tight in the shoulders (but fit great everywhere else). Hate that constricted feeling haha.  I ended up getting US4 (Eu36). It looks roomier but I’m planning on wearing it with sweaters underneath.

Blazer in US4  (selling out fast)

LOVE this thermal and regret not getting it. It was no longer in store the other day and I”m not seeing this exact one online.  There is this one, which is similar.  The one I tried in ran small.

Hope up liked these fitting room snapshots!  And as always, thanks for stopping by!



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