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How many times did you hear, or say, how hard it is to dress cute during cold months?

I’m guilty! But in the last a couple of years I’ve actually changed my mind. Because it is possible to look put together during cold months.  Besides layers and warm sweaters, there are so many nice coats out there. And this year coat have become my weakness (send help). But, in my defense, cold weather is the longest season in Michigan…and yes, I called cold weather a season because it should be it’s own category. 

It obviously all depends on the occasion how I dress…as I’d obviously replace the heeled boots with a flat pair for grocery shopping 😉

While all these outfits look great with different knee high bootsyou can easily replace them with nice lace-up boots too.

Most pieces below are on sale!

Outfit #1  Coat  – 40% off  (  |  Sweater – $20   |   Jeans  |  Boots or these on sale  |  Gloves  |  Bag

Outfit #2  Coat  – only $85 (orig. $200)  |  Sweater  |  Jeans  |   Boots  |   Scarf  |  Hat  |  Bag

Outfit #3  Coat  |   Sweater  |   Jeans  |   Boots  |  Bag  |  Cashmere Gloves  |  Scarf 

Outfit #4     Coat  |  Sweater  |  Jeans   |  Hat  |   Bag  |  Boots – I got these last year and they’re perfect if you have skinner calves. I’d suggesting going up 1/2 if you want to wear thicker socks…they’re narrow. But so nice and chic  |

Which outfit is your favorite?


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