Things I’ve been loving…


Today’s post is a bit different, no outfits.  I’ve been wanting to share more random things I’m loving. You know when you use something over and over again and you’re  just are glad to have it? haha

While I have done something similar in some of my  ‘outfits lately’ posts (like this one), I’d like to keep them separate from now on.  Not sure what to call it yet.  Any suggestions?


With that said, some of these are my every day favorites…

  • Like the Baggu reusable bags. Love these sooo much!  I somehow lost one I had so I got a 3-pack last year. I keep them in my car and throw one in my purse or coat pocket. They take up the tinniest amount of space and they come in so handy.  I also remember being so happy I brought one with me when we went to Colorado last Summer…(random, I know).  We had a Walgreens around the corner from our Hotel and we purchased multiple bottles of 1.5l water which would have not been fun to carry in those plastic bags that are digging into the hand. So basically I’ll never been without these amazing Baggu Bags (more prints here).


  • This cute and warm knit throw.  I got it back in October and it’s still my favorite throws to cozy up in…it’s nice looking and warm (but I think this one is warmer. Can’t go wrong with either one).   I wash mine on delicate and dry on super low heat. It does show slight fuzziness which is not overly noticeable until you really stare at it, but not bad at all.


  • This dainty necklace set is the latest one I got (wearing it as I’m typing this post) and I love it. It’s well made, not flimsy at all. I also love that they can be worn together or separately. I think I should be all set for now, but if you still need a few check out these at different price points.  Madewell definitely has some great, well made jewelry.


  • This Conair Turbo Extreme Steamer – love this steamer!  I had this one which works just ok but one of the reasons I didn’t like it it’s because it always had to be held up-right otherwise hello-water-everywhere.  Which also meant  I couldn’t steam my duvet cover for one.  Oh, and another reason I disliked it because if I forgot to empty it immediately, the water leaked out.   Another thing I like about the Conair Turbo Extreme Steamer is the Regular and Turbo option…making it safe for delicates and tough for heavier ones.


  • My Instant Pot, which I got during Summer 2018. I actually can’t believe I haven’t raved about it already.  It’s one of the best purchases I’ve made.  Once the cold weather hit, I’ve been making beef stew and chili regularly and just love how fast I can have the dinner on the table. Some other things I’ve made is Mongolian Beef, Shredded Pork, Korean Pork, Potatoes are done in no time as well as Rice and many other meals.  And let’s not forget about Chocolate Lava cake which is done in no time and it’s soooo amazing you guys.  I think I need to start sharing some recipes I’ve been loving. Yes?



What I’m looking forward to?

A lot, but keeping it light and “short”… everything Spring haha.  Like this dress (which is more of a Summer dress but can be styled for Spring too). Isn’t it so cute?

I think buying anything for Spring is a tad hard knowing that I might not be able to wear it until May or even June (I mean we had an ice storm in the middle of April last year). If you live in warmer climate this unfortunate weather doesn’t apply to you (lucky!)  😉   Maybe a warm weather vacation might be in order.

But that doesn’t prevent me from looking at everything not Winter related haha. I always tend to click on the SALE tab first when I’m looking for anything warmer weather related, since many retailers will have some amazing deals right now (stuff they’re getting rid of).  Like these sandals that were $180 but are now $54!  Or these Steve Madden ones for under $30.   There are also fabulous booties on sale if it’s too soon for sandals lol


I did get these shoes finally  (after eyeing them for forever). I went with my usual size. They fit tts but it feels like the heel is going to slip out…until I started walking in them. At that point they seemed fine.  Such a great, classic pair.

Coming soon to my blog…. Our small bathroom remodel!  Hubby did such an amazing job and I can’t wait to share.


What are some things your loving? 




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  1. 1.25.19
    Dani said:

    Please share the recipes you spoke about above!

  2. 1.25.19
    Summer said:

    Yes, share the recipes!!

  3. 1.25.19
    Chantel said:
  4. 1.25.19
    Katie said:

    Yes to recipes! Excited to see your bathroom remodel. Hope to get our (tiny) master bath redone this year.

  5. 1.26.19
    Curly said:

    Share recipes please. Also,while ago you mention you will share your story about moving to USA.
    By the way those reusable shopping bags are great. I have quite a few of them. Love them.