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Happy Friday!

Sale Alert – the $40 cashmere sweaters I talked about are now on sale. It started early so grab yours before they’re gone. There are multiple different styles turtleneck, v-neck etc. Some styles are a little more. Most of mine are Small as I like a relaxed fit. I only one one in xs. 


This popular coat is now 50% off (unreal deal for this coat). It’s hardly ever part of any sale! Available in more colors. Size up. 

I talked about this coat in this post sort of a mini review.  I tend to repeat myself when I talk about certain items so this time I’ll just direct you to the post mentioned.  


I love these soft sweaters! I have two colors (it comes in ton of colors) but it’s one of those I wouldn’t mind having in more. It’s warm too. I got size small. 

Outfit Details: 

Coat: J.Crew in size 2  – 50% off  |   Sweater:  J.Crew size Small – 50% off   |  Jeans: LOFT tts  |  Boots: Banana Republic tts – 50% off   |   Bag: Banana Republic – 50% off  


Some Black Friday sales are starting early, like Monday, and with that said…I’ll be sharing sales and top picks from my favorite stores.  One thing I’ve been on the hunt for are some nice mugs and I finally found some I really like. So I’m hoping they’ll be part of the Black Friday sales. Another somewhat random thing I need is nice wooden spoons.  


I’d love to know what you’re hoping to find during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales, so do share in the comments below. 


Have a lovely weekend! 



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  1. 11.22.19
    Curly said:

    I got cashmere sweater. What a amazing deal. Thanks Lilly

  2. 11.22.19
    Lisa said:

    Hi Lilly,
    I’m so glad to see that you’ve kept this coat; it looks so pretty on you! I thought you were maybe going to return it after your recent purchase of that other wool coat. I’m glad you didn’t! I’m tempted to get one, but I’m not feeling the online color choices right now — for me. Does it really keep you nice and warm?! …still a bit tempted… because it looks like such a nice fitting coat!

    • 11.22.19
      Lilly said:

      I have to admit I’m still on the fence about this color. It’s pretty, I just am not convinced I feel great in it. It’s a fairly warm coat (not down-coat kinda warm). I think it also depends if one easily gets cold… some might say it’s not warm while I do think it’s warm. But the style is nice and feminine, very chic.

      • 11.23.19
        Lisa said:

        Thanks for the further details/clarification on coat’s warmth! xoxo