Things I’ve been loving lately…



It’s been so long since I’ve done one of these posts. There are some things I’ve been thoroughly enjoying, so I thought I’d share…


  • Golden Milk – I look forward to having this every evening before bed. There is something so soothing and relaxing about it. I do a cup of almond milk and a half tea spoon of honey as I don’t like it very sweet, a little cinnamon and tiny bit of nutmeg. So good!  I use these Tumeric tabs (three) to make the golden milk and one Ashwagandha tab (if I don’t make golden milk one night, I just take them with water). 


  • Diffusing essential oils  – another thing I look forward to, so therapeutic. And it makes the house smell good without having to use harmful chemicals.   I diffuse different ones depending on my mood. My latest favorite has been Stress Away and Citrus (or Orange). Both are great on their own but I’ve enjoying diffusing them together. Citrus is so uplifting. Also love anything Thieves (I have an account on YL so I can get the cheaper price on oils. And FYI – right now they’re offering free shipping on the starter kit until end of the month).  I recently got another diffuser as I got a little tired moving the one I have  from living room to my office, to bedroom (I like to diffuse it whichever room I’m in : ).  I purchased this black/cream diffuser – it doesn’t look bulky…it looks more like part of decor (I also think it looks much nicer in person than online). Also love the look of this one…and both are such a great price. 


  • Black/White Mugs – I’ve been loving these mugs.  It look me months to find ones I love. I wanted something simple but sleek. And then I finally found the Dip Black/White mugs. I initially ordered 6 and then my husband asked ‘how come you ordered only six and not eight?’ Great question! No clue. Our dinning room table seats 8 so it would make sense to get eight. So I ordered two more.  I also noticed these mugs  just recently and fell in love (especially the lighter color)  But unfortunately, I don’t need more mugs. But I’d totally get them if I needed more.  I also recently ordered these pasta bowls (or salad) since we’ve been needing new ones but could never find anything I loved. Until now! 



  • Plants – live plants that is!  Love them!  They make the space so zen.  I actually can’t believe that it has been a very long time since I’ve killed a plant…which means there is hope for everyone else that can’t keep a plant alive.  Granted, I don’t think I have any that require some special care and that always helps with keeping them alive. I just counted all the ones I have (excluding a couple of tiny succulents) and I have 26 plants! 26 plants!!!  You might wonder ‘where in the world do you keep them all?!’  Well, they’re all over the house. We have a bay window in the kitchen and a few are there. Living room, my office, one in the bathroom. They’re all smaller plants which makes it easier to find a place for them. I only have two bigger plants – one is a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree and the other one is a snake plant (those are very easy to take care of). If you want an easy plant, snake plant is ok with being neglected lol. Maranta Red Prayer Plant (or Maranta Green) is the next one I’d like to get. I haven’t found it anywhere locally, so I’ll have to order it. 


  • Water Kettle – I purchased this Smeg Water Kettle a few years ago and still love seeing it in my kitchen. It is one kitchen appliance I use every single day.  We also have the Smeg two-slice toaster and love it. I love seeing both sitting pretty on the kitchen counter.


  • Speaking of water, I love this 32oz Hydro Flask bottle I got back in November. It’s so pretty! But most importantly, it helps me drink more water. It’s a great way to make sure you drink enough water everyday. I also use my Yeti 30 oz. mug on a regular basis (and for both bottles I purchased straw lids as well). I love drinking warm water during cold months (google the benefits of drinking hot/warm water).



Have are some things you’ve been loving/enjoying lately? 



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  1. 1.22.20
    Lauren said:

    Any planters you like with all your new plants? 2 at work and 2 at home now, have the itch too!

    • 1.22.20
      Lilly said:

      I have found some nice ones at Hobby Lobby (great price when they run 50% off). I just got this one from World Market: …they have a nice selection. HomeGoods sometimes, Anthropologie, little random shops…basically any place that might have some cool planters 🙂

  2. 1.22.20
    Erica said:

    Love these ideas! You are inspiring Lilly!

    • 1.22.20
      Lilly said:

      You’re so sweet, Erica. Thanks so much 🙂

  3. 1.22.20
    Jennifer said:

    Love seeing your home choices! Please keep adding more to your picks with links. Would also love to read more about plants and care! Thank you! 😊

    • 1.22.20
      Lilly said:

      Love hearing this, thank you Jen! 🙂 Yes, I need to dedicate a post to plants since I’ve developed a green thumb haha jk.

  4. 1.23.20
    Jennifer Park Cox said:

    Love this! Do you also add the turmeric in the golden milk?

    • 1.23.20
      Lilly said:

      Hi Jen, I use the Truvani turmeric tablets in the golden milk. I’ve used Turmeric powder before but since I got the tablets to take each day I just started using those instead 🙂

  5. 1.23.20
    Amy said:

    This salad looks to be right up my alley–I can’t wait to give it a try. Thanks for posting it!