Weekend Winter Outfit and…


I hope 2021 is off to a good start for you! 

One of my goals is to blog more regularly this year…so we will see how that goes. I shot some outfits I wore recently so hopefully this week I’ll have multiple posts.  You’ll see a lot of the same items reworn different ways, which is something I do a lot already, but it will hopefully me captured more this year.

  I have my favorites and I tend to stick to them.  One section of my closet gets a ton of wear and the other section is slightly neglected. Another goal is to cut down on buying clothing.  I won’t say that I’ll go on a shopping ban (I should find my ancient blog post when I did that the first time) because I know I’ll-come- across-something-I-like-but-don’t-need-but-at-night-shopping-damage-happens.  I do have a few classic pieces on my wish-list but nothing I must-have now. 

I’ll be focusing more on getting certain rooms in our house finally done, like the bedroom and my office. 


If you follow me on Instagram then you already know how excited I was about this snow fall.  How is it even possible not to love a fresh snow fall!?! 

Clearly I’ve been loving these boots as I’ve been wearing them quite a bit.  As I mentioned in this post, I decided to go up a 1/2 size so I can wear them with thicker socks.  

I’ve been trying to remember where my hat is from but it’s a few years old. But there is no shortage of cable knit  hats. I have this exact style in three different colors (got my first one years ago).  It’s warm, cute and affordable. I saw this one recently and love it. 


Every time I wear this coat I get questions about it. And I’m said to inform you that it’s about 5 years old.  Buy classic coats ladies…they never go out of style.  Since mine is old, I found some great options that I would consider buying myself if I didn’t own a tan/camel coat already. All great styles. 



Boots (I went up a 1/2 size) | Hoodie (H&M 2019) – same style here, shorter version  | Skinny Jeans – size up  | Camel Coat (super old) – great alternatives here, here and here | Hat (old) – love this one ( I have it in three colors)  | Sunglasses – similar style for $15


H&M has a great selection of hoodies – long, short and in between…they carry it all and at great price points too.  Below are some faves and all come in multiple colors. 


Have a great Monday! 



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