My Chanel-esque flats, I found more of them

Hello ladies! Hope you’re having a great Thursday!

Remember these awesome flats? I’ve received so many emails/comments from many of you asking about my two tone Chanel-esque flats. I originally bought them at Marshalls and they are my most comfortable flats, no lie. I’ve been wearing them a lot and they have received so many compliments from strangers.
I’ve been searching everywhere for them, I NEED another pair before mine fall apart. Even when I found them “this item is no longer available” is what I kept seeing. Slightly frustrating.

Today I had to try again. And I found them (insert happy dance). I was going to order two pairs but they only had one pair left in my size. My current ones are size 9 so I ordered the same size.  I’m between 8.5 and 9, depends who makes the shoes (but mostly 8.5)

So of course I HAD to share this great news with you all. Here is the link and as of right now they have most of the sizes in stock. Best part, they are only $20.

I’m so stinkin’ excited, I can’t even explain it. ;-D

Now go get yourself a pair!



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  1. 11.17.11
    azu said:

    They are SO cute! I was looking for a pair of flats and these seem just right. Now it's between these and a black loafer with studs on it. Thanks for sharing :)xoxo Azu

  2. 11.17.11
    Sarah S. said:

    I love this style, seriously so cute and classic!

  3. 11.17.11
    Candy Apple Fashion said:

    These are so cute! Thank you for sharing! Headed over to check them out now 🙂 –

  4. 11.17.11
    Kristen said:

    There are still a few sizes left on the Wanted shoes website too, just bought two in size 8 last week!

  5. 11.17.11
    Lilly's Style said:

    @Kristen – I saw those a while back but they didn't have them in size 9. I was so bummed. I was thinking about getting a 8 1/2. On this website (martyshoes) they're half the price, just wish they had another pair in my size. But I won't complain, at lease I found one pair 🙂

  6. 11.17.11
    Beautygirl24 said:

    Anything Chanel-esque and I'm sold! These are so cute!

  7. 11.18.11
    ahm said:

    Love these!! I bought a very similar pair at H&M after seeing yours on here.

  8. 11.18.11
    Ella Pretty Blog said:

    Thanks for posting this – I love the look of your flats – especially the little gold studs. My aldo chanel-esque flats are cute but NOT comfy. I wore them out yesterday and was limping by the end of the night – very weird for FLATS! Am going to try order these ones – hope they ship to Canada.

  9. 11.18.11
    Girlie Blogger said:

    Oh nice! This is a great find. Looks comfy, stylish and completely fan.

  10. 11.18.11
    Michelle's Style File said:

    These are lovely- so classic!

  11. 11.20.11
    elizabethmcormier said:

    Thanks for posting this! I just ordered them & they ship to Canada – yay!