I’ve tried

Top: Pitaya (sold out)  (other cute options here, here, here
Skinnies: F21 (I think these are it) (also similar)
Shoes: SJP (super old but uber comfy)  – (similar here, here)
Bag: H&M (not similar but so cute) (and here too)
Watch: MK (gift from hubby) (also love this one)
Bracelets: J.Crew, Target

I know you’ve seen me wear these skinny “jeans” a lot but I seriously love them. They are what I turn to when I’m either running late or just can’t come up with anything else. Or just want to be plain comfortable.

Now, bow tie blouses – love them but they do not, I repeat, they do not look good on me. I don’t find them flattering on me at.all. Which is quite sad because I think they’re super girly and cute.  But clearly not on me (maybe, just maybe, that’s why my face is missing in these photos).

Wishing everyone a fabulous Thursday!


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  1. 3.22.12
    marcella said:

    nice shirthttp://urbanprettygirl.blogspot.com/

  2. 3.22.12
    Maria said:

    You look super cute in that blouse! I think you wear it extremely well.

  3. 3.22.12
    Simply Sarah said:

    Lilly who are you kidding – you can pull off anything!

  4. 3.22.12
    Simply Sarah said:

    Lilly who are you kidding – you can pull off anything!

  5. 3.22.12
    jillian said:

    i think you can totally pull them off, but i hear you…i can't rock them either! totally agree with you on the skinnies, they're my go to pretty much everyday!http://just-jillian.blogspot.com

  6. 3.22.12
    Audrey @ Putting Me Together said:

    Whaaaat? I think you look so cute!!

  7. 3.22.12
    Nikki Fein said:

    The top looks cute on you…sometimes we are our toughest critics;)

  8. 3.22.12
    TheTinyHeart said:

    I think the blouse looks so cute on you, Lilly! I just bought a bow blouse myself but it's driving me crazy since the bow doesn't seem to be laying right no matter how I tie it!-SharonThe Tiny Heart

  9. 3.22.12
    LEANNE DEE said:

    I thought you look great in that blouse! I really like this outfit!!!KeepOnStylin.blogspot.com

  10. 3.22.12
    LEANNE DEE said:

    I thought you look great in that blouse! I really like this outfit!!!KeepOnStylin.blogspot.com

  11. 3.22.12
    LEANNE DEE said:

    I thought you look great in that blouse! I really like this outfit!!!KeepOnStylin.blogspot.com

  12. 3.22.12
    LEANNE DEE said:

    I thought you look great in that blouse! I really like this outfit!!!KeepOnStylin.blogspot.com

  13. 3.22.12
    LEANNE DEE said:

    I thought you look great in that blouse! I really like this outfit!!!KeepOnStylin.blogspot.com

  14. 3.22.12
    Vanessa. said:

    You look fabulous!Great blog, following :)xoxo

  15. 3.22.12
    Lindsay said:

    Your silly, the blouse looks great on you! I love pussybow blouses! But I kinda feel the same when I wear mine…and I think its a hair thing, like my hair has gotta be just right with a top like that.

  16. 3.22.12
    Liz P. said:

    I think your outfit looks fabulous, great inspiration!

  17. 3.22.12
    Angela Bennett said:

    I beg to differ, Lilly! I think this top looks fabulous on you!

  18. 3.22.12
    Love Cardelia said:

    Love the top and those pants fit you perfect! xxJuliehttp://lovecardelia.blogspot.com/

  19. 3.22.12
    MiniMeStyle said:

    No way – that top is absolutely stunning on you! You look like you are straight out of a magazine … really, really elegant.

  20. 3.22.12
    Mrs C ♥ said:

    Girl you are just crazy for thinking that top doesn't flatter you! Just my opinion (but I don't think I'm alone judging by the other comments). Anyway, I can see why you love those pants too – they are super flattering as well & look very chic!

  21. 3.22.12
    Eloquent English said:

    I think it all looks great, so I'm just gonna call you crazy!!! LOVE IT! xoxo A-

  22. 3.22.12
    Jackie Welling said:

    What are you TALKING ABOUT!?! You look DARLING! Pussybow all the way!Little J Style

  23. 3.22.12
    Kira said:

    While I think the blouse looks good on you, I understand where you are coming from. Try a bow tie blouse that shows a little more skin and I think you'd like it better. Like this… http://www.thelimited.com/detail/bow-detail-blouse/4263432/665I can't pull off anything that comes that high on my neck unless it's fitted.

  24. 3.22.12
    Justyn Lord said:

    See I think you look darling in the pussy bow blouse! And of course those jeans :)xxjustynthoughtsbyapetitebrunette.com

  25. 3.22.12
    Elizabeth said:

    I am so in love with this blouse! It looks wonderful on you!xo, -Elizabethhttp://bookofleisure.blogspot.com

  26. 3.22.12
    Melissa Pattee said:

    i don't think the top looks bad on you!!! I do however wish the neckline was a little lower, to show more skin and open the face up (even though we cant see your face lol) i think that would make the top much easier to wear honestly. i think they are so cute but dont look good on me either as i am quite busty. but i honestly think if those tops had a bit lower of a neckline it wouldnt be so stiff, it would be feminine and girly while not overwhelmin the neck with fabric

  27. 3.22.12
    Beautygirl24 said:

    Of course pussybow blouses look GOOD on you! I honestly don't think they could look bad on anyone! I love the pattern of the blouse, so pretty with your jeans. And no worries, I wear my skinnies from Banana Republic constantly! I know I should switch it up too, but when you find jeans you love, stick with them.

  28. 3.22.12
    Lilly said:

    Thank so much girls :)I do agree about the neckline/more skin showing. Anything that comes up to my neck/covers it just does not look good on me. I might give it another try before I part from it.

  29. 3.22.12
    Christine said:

    I'm so in love with your shirt! http://work-it-blog.blogspot.com/

  30. 3.22.12
    Cee said:

    What was that comment about how you're not comfortable wearing skinny jeans?! Girl, keep on rocking these!Re blouse: maybe try wearing it with the ends untied for a casual look?

  31. 3.22.12
    Blue Dog Belle said:

    Aww… I think you look great in that top, Really!

  32. 3.22.12
    Fanciful. said:

    Skinny jeans are my go-to also! GIRRRL you look fantastic in that blouse! XO, Jessicafancifulloves.blogspot.com

  33. 3.22.12
    AJ said:

    what are you talking about?! I think you look super cute in this top!! I think pairing it with the skinny jeans gave it a fun look rather than the boring corporate look. plus the pattern is different so I think you look fantastic!

  34. 3.22.12
    pretty little things said:

    That blouse is so pretty on you! ; )http://allthingsprettyandlittle.blogspot.com/

  35. 3.22.12
    Anonymous said:

    I think the blouse looks lovely on you! I wear skinny jeans 4-5 times per week lol :)http://latelystylish.blogspot.com/

  36. 3.22.12
    Anonymous said:

    Ok, you looks amazing in that blouse! I was actually going to comment on that, it looks perfect on you! They truly do look horrible on me though, lol!!!

  37. 3.22.12
    allthatsgoldglitters.blogspot.com said:

    Love this outfit and top! I am in love with blouses lately, just haven't found any for a decent $$. 🙁

  38. 3.23.12
    sabrina said:

    I love the blouse on u.. I think its look pretty but I guess u know what looks good on u …

  39. 3.23.12
    Yasi said:

    I love that shirt and think it looks great!I am also in love with skinnies. I just posted about it, too! Haha. :)Yasi @ Hello, Gorgeous!

  40. 3.23.12
    CourtneyM closetfashionfix said:

    I love the bow top with the skinnies…I think I know what I'm wearing tomorrow!

  41. 3.23.12
    Chelsea Alise said:

    I'm in love with EVERY outfit you posted this week! Keep it up! xoxo Have a good weekend!

  42. 3.23.12
    Kristin said:

    Loving your outfits!Kristinhttp://seekristinlately.blogspot.com/

  43. 3.23.12
    Tina said:

    Love this chic top on you Lilly!!!

  44. 3.23.12
    .aubrey c. said:

    cutest top! bummer its sold out!gandacummings.blogspot.com

  45. 3.24.12
    Samantha said:

    Are you kidding?!! You look GREAT in the blouse! I adore this look!!xo, sam

  46. 3.24.12
    Tashia said:

    Love this blouse. Such a unique spin on polka dots.

  47. 3.24.12
    Nikki said:

    I think that blouse looks great on you, it's super cute too!NikkiFashionsonthefly.blogspot.com

  48. 3.28.12
    Cynthia @ Go Chic or Go Home said:

    I really like the graphics on that blouse, and it's definitely flattering. You look lovely in this outfit!

  49. 3.29.12
    Melrose said:

    awww, i have the same issue…. i think it's cause I'm too top heavy, but i do love how this outfit came together regardless…. I think the super skinny bottoms balance it out perfectly!xo MelroseCome Say Hello 🙂

  50. 4.4.12
    Anonymous said:

    Your leopard sweater would go perfect with this. Love