casual weekend look

Button Up: J.Crew (other options here, here and here)

Jeans: Marshalls (similar here, here and here)

Flats: Missoni for Target (similar here and here)

Bag: Cynthia Rowley via Marshalls (great options here, here-great price and here-great style and price)

Watch: MK (buy here) (similar for less)

Bangles: H&M (similar at F21)

On our way to get some frozen yogurt this empty parking lot seemed like a good place for pictures. 

Especially since our neighbors somehow hear us as soon as we step outside to take pictures. And they like to watch. Last time from the door, the following time was from the bedroom window…trying to be all sneaky haha.  No matter what time of day or which day of the week…they’re watching.  I think next time I’ll wave, will see what happens. 

How do you feel when people watch you take outfit/or non-outfit pictures?   

Hope all of you are enjoying your weekend!

Thanks for stopping by! 


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  1. 4.8.12
    What She Wore said:

    You know that this outfit is at the top of my list!!! Omg, your neighborhood sounds like mine. Drives me crazy. I cringe whenever I see people out front when I drive up. I don't want to talk, let me go on my way, get out of my car…. But they're all UP IN your business.

  2. 4.8.12
    Lilly said:

    Haha, nosy. Mine think I can't see them lol

  3. 4.8.12
    Callandra said:

    I love your mix of prints in this outfit with the shoes and shirt! It's very subtle but so visually interesting 😉 Wow…your neighbors sound very off-putting. Please do wave and let us know what happens!! Hee Hee

  4. 4.8.12
    Natasha Fatah said:

    How friendly are they Lil? Are they a little creepy or are they smiling/admiring? I'd really like to see how this plays out.I only get uptight if it's someone who is just a acquaintance, if it's a friend or family member that's fine, or a total stranger, I don't care. But a nosey neightbour would into the awkward category. ;)xoxo~Natasha Fatah~

  5. 4.8.12
    Cece Crawford said:

    Love the outfit and thanks for sharing a casual weekend outfit!!

  6. 4.8.12
    MiaHepburn said:

    Great outfit. Looks very cute and comfortable :)-

  7. 4.8.12
    LEANNE DEE said:

    Love your outfit! I especially love your Missoni for Target flats. Hope you have a great Easter weekend!

  8. 4.8.12
    Diana S. said:

    LOL at the creepy neighbors. I admire your courage for taking outdoor photos. Today I ventured out into the backyard to try a photo shoot and went sprinting back into the house when I heard the neighbor.

  9. 4.8.12
    Marissa Saunders said:

    Cute outfit! Looks comfy too. ;)Marissawww.thesimpleswan.blogspot.comA Fashion, Beauty, and Maternity blog

  10. 4.8.12
    Carly said:

    Hey there pretty girl! Looking perfectly chic and casual for the weekend…love those flats…wish they had still been around when I finally got to Target! Happy weekendC

  11. 4.8.12
    kimberrleigh said:

    This outfit is so cute! Love casual looks!

  12. 4.8.12
    Schnelle said:

    I love this outfit, I might actually wear something similar today. I hate when people are nosy like that! I have nosy neighbors too so I don't take photos outside but I can totally relate! It's so rude.

  13. 4.8.12
    TheTinyHeart said:

    The gingham with the Missoni flats is so cute! I hate it when my neighbors see me taking photos! They must think I'm a total weirdo for taking so many photos of myself, haha.-SharonThe Tiny Heart

  14. 4.8.12
    Katie M said:

    I usually don't post on things like this (I prefer secret blog stalking haha!) But while we are on the subject…when I had my bridal pictures done we were at a huge, 55 acre public garden area. I wouldn't have minded that much that a few people were watching (even though it was NOT busy) but then this random man started taking pictures of me!! I was so weirded out…haha

  15. 4.8.12
    JC said:

    Adoring how your paired the gingham top with the Missoni flats. Totally different patterns but the look well together!My neighbors are the same way (most of the are retirees so they're ALWAYS THERE). I couldn't stand the watching so I ended up ordering a mini photography studio kit so I can take pictures any time in the privacy of my own home. I admit, the photos aren't as interesting with a lovely background –but it's so worth not having peeping eyes!

  16. 4.8.12
    Cate said:

    Wave to them next time you see them watching! They will freak out and be embarrassed!

  17. 4.8.12
    Samantha said:

    Love this casual look! I'm the same with my neighbors! Or the people who drive by in front of my townhouse!

  18. 4.9.12
    Anonymous said:

    I love how you make the simplest pieces seem so fresh and stylish. This is a fantastic outfit, I love those Missoni shoes, can't wait for my daughter to fit into the ones I bought her 🙂

  19. 4.9.12
    Perfection Possibilities said:

    I hate when others watch me take pictures! I dont want people thinking Im all about "me" when really I am not, I just like to show off my outfits.hahabut we get over it! 🙂 Happy Easter

  20. 4.9.12
    Ioana-Carmen said:

    Sweetie u are so sweet! Can we follow each other? Kisses from Romania!

  21. 4.9.12
    Emily Devine said:

    Love this casual look! Your shoes are amazing. I was shooting outside yesterday (in floral pants) and some people walked by and just stared. Not sure if they thought I was weird or my pants were weird. Still awkward. You should definitely just wave next time!

  22. 4.9.12
    jeannie said:

    I have this J Crew shirt, but paired with these flats just brings the WOW factor up a notch!! Love it!

  23. 4.10.12
    Grace said:

    I just love gingham print! What a fun and casual look ;)xx

  24. 4.10.12
    Kristen said:

    I am in love with your flats!!! Makes me sad that Missoni isn't at Target anymore.xO Kristen

  25. 4.11.12
    Samantha said:

    You are so brave to take pictures "in public"! When I hear my neighbors in the backyard, I run inside!! :)LOVE the purple gingham and chevron!xo, sam

  26. 4.11.12
    Anonymous said:

    Unfortunately nothing seems to look as nice on me as it does you! You are very lucky to have the figure you do!!! I guess it's all about workin with what you got!!! Thanks for all the ideas; keep em coming!!

  27. 4.18.12
    Sarah said:

    Love your blog and all your outfits! As for people watching the photo ops…not a huge fan!! I'm just getting into it so it's still quite embarassing

  28. 4.28.12
    NS said:

    Perfect weekend outfit !

  29. 5.1.12
    Tori said:

    Super cute!! I love your bag!!