coated skinnies

Shirt: H&M (similar here, here, here, here)

Coated skinnies: H&M (old) (similar here, here, here

Flats: Tory Burch (loving these – 1, 2, 3)

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff  (similar)  (cute option here and here)

Necklace: PrimaDonna c/o

Sunnies: Target

Watch: MK-old (great option for under $38)

Sometimes I feel as button downs are underestimated. Or perhaps I’m the one that underestimates them.  Especially white or light blue ones aka classics. They go with everything (why do I feel like I’m repeating myself? I think I went over this not to long ago).  If you don’t own one, you seriously need to reconsider getting one…like yesterday!

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  1. 9.10.13
    Jillian S said:

    so true!! always a simple and chic look!xoxo, jillian

  2. 9.10.13
    Malinda said:

    I love those coated jeans! I haven't gotten any yet and am really craving a pair, your right a classic button down is always a must :)

  3. 9.10.13
    Patrícia M. said:

    Chic and elegant! Love your jeans!<3

  4. 9.10.13
    Anonymous said:

    They are definitely classic and chic pieces, the options are endless with them, so many cool ways to rock them, you for know how to style them!Cee. ♥Code Overdressed

  5. 9.10.13
    Alissa said:

    I feel like I am always underestimating the magic of good button down! They are so easy and comfortable!

  6. 9.10.13
    Rachel Lynne said:

    These are gorgeous coated skinnies. I wanted a pair last year, so I should probably actually purchase a pair this year 🙂

  7. 9.10.13
    Leslie: DowntownHaute said:

    Love those pants! <3

  8. 9.10.13
    Renate said:

    I love the outfit! With some boots on I can imgaine myself going to the office in this uniform religiously 🙂

  9. 9.10.13
    Niki Caron said:

    I don't wear nearly enough button downs! I love the jeans on you!Niki

  10. 9.10.13
    Liz C said:

    I have been DYING for a pair of coated skinnies.. They have them in Old Navy and I waited a little too long to get them, thinking they would go down in price, and I missed my size 🙁 I am in LOVE with this whole look though! Fabulous style, Lilly! Sprinkles&Sequins

  11. 9.11.13
    Kelly said:

    Love the simple outfit! Those coated jeans are fabulous!

  12. 9.11.13
    Anonymous said:

    I need that shirt ASAP. So classic and chic,it goes with anything.Thanks for inspiration.

  13. 9.11.13
    FitTravelerAJ said:

    My basic white button down needs to be replaced… and I am desperate need of a nice classic light blue one too! Love the coated skinnies…I have my eye on a pair at Madewell. Hoping for a miracle (or an amazing sale!)

  14. 9.11.13
    Life's a shoe said:

    love this casual chic outfit! ive been looking for a denim top for a really long timenow

  15. 9.11.13
    Ella Pretty Blog said:

    Ooh – I have the same H&M elbow-patch shirt…twinsies LOL! I love it and it looks amazing on you!

  16. 9.11.13
    helo win said:

    nice style ………love it …toddler costume

  17. 9.11.13
    Jamee said:

    Love! So cute. As always! 🙂 PS did you see my question on yesterday's blog about wrinkles? Am I the only one who hates them with a passion? I have that same skirt and it just drives me bananas that it wrinkles the second I sit down. :-/

    • 9.11.13
      Lilly said:

      Thank you :). That seems to be the case with j crew skirts. It's annoying but I tend to ignore it after a while 🙂

  18. 9.11.13
    Agnes Mayer said:

    Love this casual look Lilly!!!! I have a pair of coated skinnies that I love and i like how you styled it with a simple button shirt. Love it!!!!!Don't forget to link up tomorrow for my weekly Tres-Chic Fashion Thursday Link Up.Agi:)

  19. 9.11.13
    Chelsea said:

    You're so right! I never pick up plain button ups (because they seem so boring) but I ALWAYS wish I had one. You look great Lilly!xoxo,Chelsea & The City

  20. 9.11.13
    Simply Sabrina said:

    I swear, I have a pair of black skinny jeggings and I wear them more then jeans themselves! This is so simply & chic! Love it!x0 Simply Sabrina

  21. 9.12.13
    Megan McClen said:

    Love this whole outfit! The color of the bag is perfect.

  22. 9.12.13
    Gina said:

    Beautiful!! You look so gorgeous in your pictures, girl!I love this look so much. Totally agree about the button downs. In fact, I'm certain my behavior with them could be qualified as hoarding.Great jeans, and I love black with cognac. XO, Gina

  23. 9.12.13
    Paige said:

    Loving this classic look!Paige

  24. 9.13.13
    Anonymous said:

    OMG. I am so glad I came to your blog today!! I LOVE the MAC bag and I wanted it so bad but I'm a vegan and just couldn't give in and get it. The one at C.R. is perfect!Thank you for posting, Lilly! You made my day. 🙂

  25. 9.17.13
    Mehreen said:

    Love those skinnies!!!

  26. 9.23.13
    Lauren E. said:

    Totally agree! I have to stop myself from wearing my chambray shirt once a week to work. It's the ultimate neutral.