NEW Tory Burch Sale – up to 60% off!!!

Tory Burch just recently had a “private sale” but this one is even better in my opinion. The items that are on sale are AMAZING, and some of them I didn’t think would go on sale this easily (like the riding boots. Mine are holding up great still). 

As always, things are selling out FAST, so if you are eyeing something I’d say go for it before it’s gone. 

Which items are you favorite? 


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  1. 10.28.15
    Jennifer said:

    Hi Lilly – I posted this on another post but thought I'd try again – this is off the topic of your tory burch sale but… I want to wear a necklace everyday that goes with everything – preferably in gold. You love necklaces so I thought id see if you own any that you love and go with everything? I think they call them signature necklaces. Doesn't have to be fancy or a lot of $$. Or maybe the one you have is a lot of money. I would just love some recommends. Thank you! LOVE YOUR BLOG! and your style! and YOU! 🙂 Jennifer

  2. 10.29.15
    Lilly Style said:

    Hi Jennifer, thank you so much for following along :)I started typing a reply to you yesterday and, shocker, I got distracted and forgot to finish. Are you looking for a dainty necklace or more of a statement necklace? One of the dainty necklaces I wear a LOT, and it goes with everything, is this one: Let me know if you want a statement necklace option too. 🙂

  3. 10.29.15
    Jennifer said:

    Thank you SO much Lilly – I love that signature necklace – I think I'll get it! thanks again – Yes, I'd love a statement necklace that you LOVE too! Thanks again! Jennifer