remix, repeat

Happy Friday beautiful people! 

My favorite outfits continue to be the ones with simple, basic pieces.
Remix and repeat! 

Sometimes I look at some of my old outfits and wonder “what was I thinking?” lol  But apparently at that time I felt fabulous in my “don’t ever wear that again” outfit and that’s what matters, I guess haha. 

This sweater is one of those basic pieces but it makes you feel great. 

So you totally need in your life! And it comes in four colors. But it should come in more 😉  And right now it’s only $30, so grab one while the price is right.

I already mentioned on IG how soft these jeans are… they feel like those comfy worn in jeans.  I definitely recommend these. 

Sweater: Loft (in Small)  //   Jeans: Loft  // Shoes: Zara  – similar (very chanel-esque), flats option and totally eyeing these – love!  // Bag (I like the small too)   //   Watch: Kate Spade 

Have a fabulous weekend! 


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  1. 9.16.16
    Kristina said:

    Haha I feel that way when I look at a lot of my old outfits too, I guess that's what happens when you get too trendy! Great sweater!Kristina does the Internets

  2. 9.16.16
    Natali said:

    Fantastic!!! Love reusing and wearing some of my favourite pieces/ items in different outfits. :)

  3. 9.18.16
    Teresa Loop said:

    Haha! I understand that totally! I went through a phase where (looking back on it now) everything was fussy about the outfit. Almost like I was exhausted from tucking, pulling, fastening, untwisting etc all day. I absolutely love this simple classy look, and it's what I'm the most comfortable in too.

  4. 9.19.16
    Heidi Daoud said:

    Your shoes are adorable! Perfect casual look!Heidi || Wishes & Reality