Fitting room snapshots

Happy Sunday! 

A few fitting room snaps for y’all. Few pieces I liked, a some meh’s.

I haven’t been visiting many stores much lately.  Just haven’t been in the mood… Must be this time of the year and the every so changing yucky weather. But online shopping is still happening here and there 😉  (who doesn’t like getting packages in the mail?!)

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Lace Up sweater in XS

I tried this sweater on a while back, the only thing I actually tried on. It was full price and I don’t think it’s worth the full price (not to me).  It is on the slightly boxy side, wearing xs in this picture. I wish it was just a tad longer but overall it is nice. 

Peplum Top in xs

Loved this top, this style tend to be flattering while concealing the tummy,  but it was a tad low cut (even though it doesn’t look too bad in this picture). For me it would require a tank or something underneath and I hate when I HAVE to wear something underneath, specially in Summer. 

Dot Top in xs

I really loved this top, so it come home with me. It looks great with jeans and this am I wore it with a navy pencil skirt and navy pumps.  I got it in size XS. 

Fluted Boatneck Top in xs

While I really did like this top, I left it behind but the more I look at it the more I want it. The fluted sleeves are not long which means they won’t get in the way of you eating or doing anything else. It can be tucked into a skirt as well, so it’s pretty versitile. I’d recommend it. 

Striped Cuffed Blouse in xs  /   Sweater Skirt in Small

 Loved this top overall but at the same time I was a bit on the fence about it (just the way it looked on me).  I definitely shouldn’t go “shopping” on blah days as I’m usually not satisfy now anything looks on me (anyone else like that?).  This top can be dressed up or down, I would recommend it.  Part of me still wants it lol 

I desperately want this skirt to look good on me, but I don’t like the way it looks on me. Ugh, just love it though. 

Peplum Top  /   Skirt

Don’t think I grabbed size small in this top but on this picture it looks slightly too big. It’s pretty but don’t like it paired with this skirt…maybe because the skirt was too big hehe. I tried on size 4 but it was too big on me. Maybe if I had grabbed the correct size in both, they would look a lot better together. But I did like them both on their own. 

Fluted Sleeve Dress in Small

Clearly me extending my hand to the side so you could see the flutter sleeves better was a major fail. Black jeans in the back Lilly, hello! haha.  But it has flutter sleeves. Kinda A-line dress, basic. Fabric is on the thicker side, nice, but wasn’t for me. 

I have some more fitting room snapshots from Nordstrom but I got to run…so I’ll try to add the rest tonight (update: didn’t get to it, I’ll post the rest this week 🙂

Have a great rest of your Sunday! 


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  1. 1.22.17
    joannb said:

    my favorite posts!

  2. 1.22.17
    Beckie Porritt said:

    Your figures so lovely, I looove the dot top so much and I'm glad you got it! I wish I could fit XS haha!Beckie xo || The Pale Tails

  3. 1.23.17
    Olivia DiTomaso said:

    Loving every look. Now I need to go shopping!Liv

  4. 1.23.17
    Natali said:

    Super cute snaps! 🙂

  5. 1.23.17
    Curly said:

    Great picks Lilly. Thanks for super cute ideas!

  6. 1.23.17
    lynn marshall said:

    cute peplum tops! where is your iphone case from?

    • 1.24.17
      Lilly Style said:

      Case is from Society6. They have the best selection 🙂

    • 1.24.17
      lynn marshall said:

      Thanks! Do you have the "Slim Case" or the "tough case"?

    • 1.24.17
      Lilly Style said:

      I got the slim 🙂

  7. 1.24.17
    Teresa Loop said:

    The lace up sweater is my favorite, but I need another sweater like I need a hole in the head….I've not bought anything lately, and although I'm keeping my eye on a pair of black booties, I don't even want to buy them for some reason…?Can't wait to see what you tried on at Nordstrom, seems to be where I've been buying most things lately.

    • 1.24.17
      Lilly Style said:

      Lol you're too funny. That's the story of my life. I actually just got a pair of booties. I have them in suede, but not quite wet weather appropriate (not that it has stopped me before). And since I love them so much I got them in leather. It's one of those things I wouldn't mind owning in more colors.I was actually disappointed with Nordys…I wasn't crazy about anything I tried on. It's a smaller one so everything I saw online and wanted to try on they didn't have in store. Better luck next time hopefully 🙂

  8. 1.26.17
    Melissa Woycheese said:

    I love following your dressing room try-ons! The fluted dress is really