Fitting Room Snapshots

Happy Hump Day!

Starting this Wednesday with quite a few fitting room snapshots + amazing sales!

I’ve some outfits with some of these pieces coming soon. First one tomorrow.

Let’s start with this stunning midi dress ūüėć

I tried on size 0 below and it was just a bit loose on top. ¬†I ordered 00 (I think this might be my first time downsizing in AT dresses). ¬†Size 00 fits better but at the same time feels a tad tight underarms. ¬†If you’re in between sizes I think you should be able to size down (unless you’re busty). ¬†I think for me 00 fits better overall.

Wavy Trim Chambray Dress  |  Cork Block Heel Sandals

Another pretty dress in a very light blue. Tried on my usual size 0 and it fits fine. I wouldn’t mind if it was a tad more fitted in the waist (or just the style be a bit more fit and flare) but overall it’s a good fit.

Floral Lace Dress

Tried on size Small in this ruched dress.  There is just a tad room under arms. XS would have fit better on top but would have also been tighter overall.

This fit and flare classic beauty ūüėć! ¬†I wish it came in Tall…I’d love it a tad longer. But it’s so so pretty. Size 0 was a great fit.

Fit and Flare dress

This is not a color I usually go for but had to try it. ¬†It actually didn’t look as bad on me as I thought it would. ¬†Having a tan probably helped. ¬†Tried on sizes 0 and it was a good fit.

Halter Flare Dress

Tried on size 2 in this dress and it actually was a good fit.  It has a pretty bow on the back (nothing over the top).  Very cute dress!

Floral Halter Bow Dress 

I liked this dress more than I thought I would. It’s one of those dresses that’s easily dressed up or down. ¬†Tried on my usual sizes and it was a good fit.

Tie Waist Halter dress in 0 

I always have sizing issues with sheath dresses. ¬†They just tend to be a tad tight on the widest part of my hips, in my usual size 0. ¬†Because this one is black it wasn’t too noticeable…it wasn’t tight. ¬†I was above my knees (shorter than it appears in the pic). ¬†But it’s a great LBD. Comes in Tall and Petite as well.

Scalloped Sheath Dress

While I’m not really into color-blocking anymore I did like this combo together… perhaps because the dress wasn’t a bright pink. ¬†Tried on size XS in this top and it was a good blouse-y fit.

Tried on size 2 in this skirt and if it wasn’t for the tie waist the top would have been unflattering as there is a tad extra room.

Tie Waist Pencil Skirt  |  Top

Tried on size 2 in this skirt. It was overall a good fit but there was a tad extra room in the waist because I’d like to wear it high-waisted. ¬† Ordered Tall 0 and 2 and waiting on size 0 to arrive to see which one fits better overall.


Size 2 in this skirt was a good fit. Not tight or loose. Top is same style as the red one above.  Might like it a tad better than the red one.

Striped Sailor Pencil Skirt  |  Blouse

Wouldn’t have tried this top and skirt if the SA didn’t point them out. ¬†Only Small was available in this top which was too big. ¬†Size Small in this skirt was a good fit. It’s a knit fabric but it’s not tight like most knit skirts (it’s 70% cotton, 28% polyester and 2% Spandex) . ¬† Paired together it looks like a dress actually (especially if the top was fitted).

Window Pane skirt  |  Top

Didn’t like this blouse on me at.all. ¬† Tried on size 0 and it was a typical blouse-y fit…just loose enough. But something was off (other than the untied


Tried this super light sweater in multiple sizes and this one below is XSP. ¬†Didn’t want it to be super long. ¬†Part of me wished I’d stuck with my usual size XS for just a barely loose fit.

Ribbed Hem light Sweater

Didn’t bring a cami to try with this jacket… ¬†Pairing these together is a tad much for me. I think the jacket would look better with a black skirt or jeans/slacks.

Window Pane Open Jacket 

Same light weight sweater.

Thse hunter green pants were pretty nice actually (I thought they were kinda jogger/pant combo).  Dressy enough where they could be worn to the office too. Easily dressed up or down.

Twill Drapey Ankle Pants in xs

Same red blouse as seen above. It just looked a lot better tied in a knot than tucked in.

Tried on size 0 in these and they fit great.

Wide Leg Pants

Tried this top in xs and because I would like to tuck it into skirts it was too boxy for that. I think I’d want to try xxs. ¬†It’s a super cute otherwise… with pretty details. If I were to wear it just with jeans, it would be fine for that.

Tried on size 2 in these pants and they fit fine. I don’t think I would zip size 0 (which is surprising since the ones above are 0. But different fabric I guess). ¬†They get great reviews. ¬†My only compliant is that they wrinkled easily.

Scalloped Top  |  Wide leg Pants 

SA suggested this scarf. Did you mention that my local AT has the sweetest SA?!?!!!

And just noticed this scarf is called ‘Lily Leaves Scarf’… totally meant to be right ūüėČ ¬†lol

This one is quite light which is nice for Summer. Good to keep in the purse for those freezing restaurants or any other A/C’d place. It actually works perfectly as a bikini cover-up. Long enough to be tied around the top or just the bottom.

Scarf¬†– also LOVE¬†this¬†one which I didn’t see at the store.¬†

I’ve been on the hunt for a gray blazer like this for ages. ¬†Size 2 was the only sizes avail. in store. It actually fits. ¬†It’s not fitted but it’s not big (if that makes sense). ¬†Size 0 would definitely be fitted and I’m tempted to order and see which one fits better. It’s has stretch to it which might make 0 work…but because I would like to wear this blazer with a v-neck sweater in Fall I think size 0 might be tight in that case.

Reviews are so confusing when it comes to sizing. ¬†It’s too big, it’s too small and some say it’s tts.

The dark wash jeans are size 2 but because they have a very good amount of stretch to them I could size down to 0, which usually is the case for me with AT jeans if they are

Blazer   |  Jeans  (really want these Рon major sale!)

Didn’t mean to pair these two together but didn’t bring jeans to try this top with (these fitting room snaps were NOT taken all on the same day).

Liked the them details on this top. Wearing xs below and it was a good fit.

Was so excited to find these short on the sales rack. My J.Crew ones (which are almost identical) no longer fit and I wanted another pair.  Wearing size 2 below (which is want I got).

Cutout Sweater Рon sale + extra 50% off  |  Shorts Рonly $20

Hope you find something fab!


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