New Year, New Look


New year, new fresh blog.  


I’m so excited for this change which I’ve been wanting to do for over a year, switch from Blogger to WordPress.  Big shoutout to Pipdig for their fast work and help. They have been so great to work with (I’ve worked with them in the past too). Highly recommend them if you need even just a new Theme for your blog.


I would love and appreciate  if you could take a minute to let me know how you like the new layout.

Is it user friendly?  Is something missing? 

There are a couple of small things I’m adjusting but all-in-all this is it you guys. I’m already super excited even though I need to learn how to use WordPress to it’s fullest (at least I figured out how to post. I think. Hope this first post goes well haha).

As much as I’ve been wanting these faux leather leggings, I’m not convinced they’re for me. I love the look. They look a bit shinier on the pictures than in real life.

They’re quite slimming…and they make me look a tad skinner than I’d like to (not noticeable in pictures).

Actually my sister agrees too as she couldn’t stop laughing when she saw them on me. She was trying to take pictures as she was hysterically laughing.  You should have seen those pictures lol  So I gave her a few minutes to calm down…

Here is also a look with Hunter boots since I had them in the car.

This coat is sold out in most sizes but I’m not overly impressed with it to be honest. It’s a lot thinner than expected and for the price I didn’t think it was worth it (I got it at 40% off even though it got reduced further on J.Crew’s site. I got mine from Nordstrom and they couldn’t not adjust the price because my size was sold out at J.Crew). It’s a pretty coat though. I think a nicer coat can be found for the price.

Yes, I’m wearing different sunglasses lol.  The black ones have been “borrowed” by my sister for almost a year now. They’re super nice and the price is reasonable. This is the second pair I got as I lost a pair to the ocean in Mexico last February.  And now I lost this pair to my sister!  She let me ‘borrow’ them for the pictures. How nice of her, right!?!

My fave ever will be my Ray-Ban aviators.

Coat: J.Crew   |  Faux Leather Leggings – also here |   Lou & Grey Sweater (in xs) – only $30 now |  Marc Fisher booties (still one of my faves)  |  Bagnew on wishlist, love!   |  Quay sunglasses


As always, thank you for reading!



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  1. 1.3.19
    Curly said:

    Adorable outfit! Simple yet classic,my favorite.
    And new layout of your blog is fantastic,so easy to navigate. Thanks Lilly.

    • 1.3.19
      Lilly said:

      Aw, thanks so much! Really appreciate your feedback.

  2. 1.3.19
    Yvonne Lilly said:

    Looks great!!!

    • 1.3.19
      Lilly said:

      Thank you Yvonne xo

  3. 1.3.19
    Stephanie said:

    Love the new layout!!! It seems easy to maneuver through – and looks damn good, too! (I couldn’t do the faux leather leggings, either. Just did not work!)

    • 1.3.19
      Lilly said:

      Thanks so much Stephanie! Appreciate your feedback. I wanted to love the leggings…but got to move on 😉

  4. 1.3.19
    Liv said:

    Such a simple, but fashionable look. My fav combo!


    • 1.3.19
      Lilly said:

      Thanks so much Liv! I like that description of it 🙂

  5. 1.3.19
    Nancy said:

    Great layout, and a great blog. I love your style and the ideas in your blog are for everyday women and I LOVE THAT. Happy new year!

    • 1.4.19
      Lilly said:

      Thanks so much Nancy, that means a lot ❤️

  6. 1.3.19
    Anneke said:

    Just started my blog on WordPress

    • 1.4.19
      Lilly said:

      That’s exciting, congrats Anneke!

  7. 1.4.19
    Jess said:

    Happy New Year! Love the blog refresh Lilly! Everything looks simple and easy to use when I scrolled the main home page before reading this post (which I’m glad you were able to write and post). I also love this outfit and the pop of red against the neutrals.

    It looks like I will have to reach out to Pipdig too! 🙂

  8. 1.4.19
    Lilly said:

    Thanks so much Jess! Had to test it right away haha. Posting was pretty easy. I just need to learn everything else but pipdig has a ton of helpful tutorials on their site. Now I wish I had switched over a year ago 🙂
    Yes, you should reach out to them. My site was up on day 3 and it was a smooth transition. You’re going to love WP.

  9. 1.6.19

    I love the new layout — very clean and easy to read! I personally love faux leather leggings; I usually tend to wear them with more edgy looks and I think they work great for those!

    xo, alison*elle

    • 1.6.19
      Lilly said:

      Thanks so much Alison!
      Everyone I have seen wear these faux leather leggings they look amazing in them. I just don’t feel very me for some reason :/ Might have to give them one more try before selling them.

  10. 1.7.19
    Diana said:

    Love the pink and grey hues. I love Pipdig, they did my migration too.

    || The Neon Factor, by Diana 🦄 ||

    • 1.7.19
      Lilly said:

      Thank you Diana! Pipdig is awesome!

  11. 1.12.19
    Rita said:

    Hi, I love reading your blog and loooove your style!! I have tried the black faux leather leggings and I hated them to the point that I couldn’t run fast enough to the store to return them. However, I also tried the bronze faux leather leggings ( same, Spanx brand) and I looooove that one! ( so much that I bought a back up 😝)
    You do mention your sister frequently and I was thinking that it would be so nice to meet her. She sounds very funny and I always love her honest opinion!! Please do a post with her!

    • 1.12.19
      Lilly said:

      Thank you SO much Rita! You made my day 🙂
      Haha! Glad you like the other color better. I think I need to try them with different shoes. Shoes make a big difference.
      She’s funny alright lol I can always count on her honest opinion though, pleasant or not haha.